Overture Soundpack – GamingKK

This soundpack attributes seems taken from the likes of Penumbra: Overture – Requiem.

Appropriate WITH ALL Useful resource PACK! Currently ONLY EDITS Seems AND Begin MENU!!! Great FOR COMPLEMENTING Anything at all! WOOT!

All footstep seems have been edited

All Songs has been adjusted (Recommended you have it on, it definitely modifications the mood)

Explosions, fuses, fire, all edited

Dog’s aggressive conduct seems edited (so they dont scare you on a ordinary foundation)

Menu has been overhauled (appears good!)

All elements of menu has been adjusted to the likes of Penumbra, this involves clicking appears, panoramic look at (looks fantastic, but demands a lot more function), Texts on emblem, and the emblem its self.

Pings, blings, and bongs seems have been transformed to morsecode (Notify me if you dont like this element, its situated in assets>minecraft>sound>note)

Cave sounds, thunder clap, glass breaking, rain

Extra, but i cant recall almost everything!

This sound pack is in Alpha and is very easily matter to improve dependent on desire and on new methods. Stay tuned and dont wait around for a final variation, for the reason that you can keep on to update safely.

Of course, i am employing 1.7.10, but like stated, compatible with almost everything!

I do no guidance adFly, if you have to go as a result of it, its not my carrying out. I recommend adfly by passer for Mozilla firefox, performs like a allure!

download: https://www.mediafire.com/?4ljx1s40hjrnj0t

Potential Designs: Established up menu to look like terminal from the Shelter!

Include textures!

Thank you fictional games!

Thank you Media Hearth!


Supplemental Credits: Fictional Video games