Nintendo DSi Killer App Flipnote Studio Revived On Playdate

A small, yellow handheld with a "Playnote Studio" graphic displayed on its screen.

Screenshot: James Daniel

Though it won’t officially be in our hands until finally later this 12 months (if you got in on the 1st wave of pre-orders, that is), Panic’s special Playdate handheld is already being poked and prodded by people blessed sufficient to rating a dev unit. A single this sort of developer a short while ago shared a neat tiny project that revives Flipnote Studio, a supporter-most loved Nintendo DS app, from the depths of electronic hell.

For my cash, Flipnote Studio was just one of the coolest matters to occur out of the Nintendo DS. It let you attract and sequence a series of even now visuals to build what have been fundamentally digital flipbooks. Flipnote’s simplicity intended that everyone could speedily make entertaining tiny operates of artwork. You could also go nuts and make expansive creations like Flipnote Warrior, a 34-moment anime designed totally in the Nintendo 3DS’ sequel.

Unfortunately, the unique Flipnote Studio went the way of the dodo right after the Nintendo DSiWare shop shut in 2017, leaving lots of lovingly crafted animations to languish on out of date handhelds. A support did exist at a person point to transfer previous creations to the 3DS version, but that much too has considering that been deserted by Nintendo.

Enter James Daniel.

Immediately after launching a world-wide-web-centered Flipnote participant in 2018, Daniel not too long ago established his sights on getting aged Flipnote Studio initiatives operating on the Playdate. The final result, an application acknowledged as Playnote Studio, can participate in any outdated Flipnote Studio animation by just pulling the documents from a Nintendo DSi’s memory card and plopping them into the Playdate’s own storage.

On Twitter, the preliminary Playnote Studio reveal garnered hundreds of retweets and 1000’s of likes, considerably shocking Daniel in the process.

“Ever so a bit (all right, far more like incredibly) blown absent by the reaction to this,” Daniel wrote yesterday afternoon. “It’s by much the most traction anything at all I have at any time made has gained! I hope it lives up to expectations!”

Daniel hopes to have Playnote Studio ready for the Playdate’s start later on this 12 months, the official day for which is continue to up in the air. In any situation, I’d say it is time to dig out individuals old Nintendo DSi devices, people, for the reason that your Flipnotes just bought a next opportunity at daily life.


Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:40:20.