Minecraft Fishing [Ultimate Guide]

minecraft fishing

In the fishing update of Minecraft, you can now fish from a boat! You can also use bait to catch more fish at once. I used worms as bait, and I caught a ton of fish. The best part is that you don’t need any rods or nets, just some lures- it’s easy! This is going to make fishing in Minecraft so much better than before.

A lot of people like to play Minecraft because it’s a great way to escape from reality. It lets you build your own world and be creative, but what about those times when you want some challenge? You know, something that will make you forget life’s stresses and enjoy yourself for a few hours. If this sounds like you, then fishing in Minecraft is worth checking out.

Minecraft Fishing Guide

In Minecraft, you can fish from a pond or the ocean. A new feature in the recent update is that you can fish from a boat, too! You can also get fish using a fishing rod and an inventory full of bait. The best part is that fishing in Minecraft has become a lot more fun and less of a chore.

If you’re new to fishing in Minecraft, then this guide is just what you need. It will teach you how to fish and where to find the bait. You’ll also discover all of the fishing’s other features, including the new sea mobs added with the update. So let’s start!

Types of Fish in Minecraft

In total, five types of fish can be found in Minecraft: pufferfish, salmon, clownfish, tropical fish, and magma cubes. The last one may not look like a type of fish, but it actually is. A player will only catch a magma cube when they use a lure made from its own material- which means if you want to fish with a magma cube, you’ll need to make your own.

Catching fish in Minecraft depends on the biome in which you are fishing. Biomes include forests, oceans, and rivers. This means that if you want to fish in a forest or desert biome, your options will be limited to only certain types of fish. Similarly, using an ocean lure won’t work in ponds- there’s nothing scary about it!

How To Fish In Minecraft

To fish in Minecraft, all you need is some equipment like a rod and bait (lures). You don’t even need any particular mechanic or mechanism to set up; just throw your line out into the water and wait for something to bite. Your character may also move around the surface of the water while they are fishing, but this will not affect the quality of your catch.

Tips for Fishing in Minecraft

If you want to catch a lot of fish at once, try using worms as bait. They have a higher chance of attracting big schools or mobs than other types of fishing lures- which means more fish! You can also stay near a dark environment like trees or leaves since mobs won’t spawn from these areas. That way, it is much safer to be out on the water.

5 Best Minecraft Fishing Baits

1) Glowstone

If you can mine and use glowstone, it’s an excellent option for fishing. Since every biome is different, the best glowstone to use depends on where you are fishing. You’ll either need: -Red Glowstone if your biome is a forest or desert. -Gray and Black Glowstones if you’re in an ocean or river.

2) Slimeballs

Slimeballs are always easy to get since they drop from slimes which spawn in swamps and during thunderstorms. They will attract most types of fish caught in Minecraft, but their usefulness does depend on what kind of environment you’re in, so don’t go throwing them everywhere!

3) String

Yes, the string is a good bait for catching fish in Minecraft, especially if you want to stay out on the water for a long time. However, it’s not as helpful as something like slimeballs because the player will only really need them to fish in ponds or rivers- and these types of bodies of water usually don’t have much fish inside of them.

4) Spider Eyes

Like string, spider eyes are not suited towards fishing in their biome. They can be used to catch all types of fish found in Minecraft (including magma cubes), but they work best when fished from an ocean or river biome.

5) Cooked Fish

Cooked fish is one of those things that comes in handy whenever you’re feeling hungry. It doesn’t do anything extra like speed up your hunger or give you more strength, but it is an excellent bait choice. Cooked fish is good for catching all types of fish in Minecraft (including magma cubes) and can even be used to attract mobs like zombies and skeletons!

That’s all for now! If you decide to give fishing in Minecraft in one go, I hope that my guide has been helpful for you.