MSI Trident 3 Review: The Smallest Gaming PC

I have generally been a fan of compact type aspect gaming PCs and here’s my MSI Trident 3 Evaluation. I have always had this point for like smaller gaming PCs. Just like actually impressive pcs in these seriously tiny sort things. I have been looking for a incredibly prolonged time and I believe I at last identified anything that’s truly excellent, the MSI Trident 3.



  • Modest
  • Quite Solid Effectiveness
  • Incredibly tranquil fans
  • Will come with good keyboard & mouse
  • Bloatwares
  • Enthusiasts are not user-controllable​

Test Cost

Make & Layout

What would make the Trident 3 exclusive is the fact that it is a pretty, pretty compact gaming computer. It’s 5.5 liters, which is pretty identical in sizing to a Mac Pro. Naturally, the, condition is wholly different, but just in phrases of volume, the Trident 3 is about 5.5 liters. The official quantity from MSI’s web site is 4.72 liters, and technically it is, for the reason that they are measuring the bodily place it occupies. But I feel like it is 5.5 simply because I’m like the angular slice-away gap on each and every facet. Irrespective, it is a little situation.

On this write-up, I’m heading to assessment the Arctic version. They make another version that is all black, it is like the normal one. It has a GTX 1060, has a smaller electric power supply, all the things else is about the similar but simply because the GPU is weaker in that 1. I indicate, some persons may appreciate the search. I prefer something a tiny cleaner, a minor a lot more nominal but, I like it just for the reason that it’s little, and simply because it is white and simply because it has a single RGB mild. For just, I really don’t know, you can enjoy with shades and stuff. But general, I believe the design is excellent. It is just not ideal to me.

The very best factor about this modest gaming Computer is it is 5.5-liter measurement. There is other ITX scenarios that are also genuinely tiny. The 1 that will come to mind that’s most likely the most popular in terms of like, small ITX cases is the NCASE M1. It’s a 12-liter case. There’s one more ITX circumstance that is even smaller sized, it is the DAN Situation A4-SFX, and that point is 7 liters but it is actually challenging to get your arms on it.

The MSI Trident 3 is 5.5 liters, it is seriously compact. You can open it up, it is not advised simply because there is a sticker that suggests you shouldn’t but, when you do, you can have entry to the RAM, the CPU and the GPU. You can set up to 32 GB of RAM in in this article. There is also upgradable storage, but you have to go in beneath. There is an M.2 adhere, and there’s a 2.5 Inch SATA Push.


Alright, I have to be absolutely genuine, when I noticed this Pc, I considered, there is a Desktop i7, there is a GTX 1070 in a situation that is extremely compact which could imply that this just can’t go quite perfectly. It’s possibly gonna be super-hot, or super loud, or a mixture of the 2. Turns out, the efficiency is truly potent It is not the swiftest issue out there, but most Triple A titles, you are looking at wicked smooth frame prices on ultra-graphics at 1080p. Some weaker titles will let you perform with fantastic body premiums in 4K but most importantly, each individual one video game that I delight in participating in.

Overwatch and Participant Unknown’s Battleground. Those people two game titles run amazingly nicely on this program. You can to remain close to 120 frames-per-next with genuinely awesome-looking graphics. VR obviously performs nicely with this, since it is a GTX 1070 and you have the ports up entrance for simple accessibility if it is going to a property theater set-up or a thing.


Video clip modifying is also really great on this device. It is a terrific performer. So, the significant concern is, how good is the thermal performance? Due to the fact cooling a Computer of this measurement with this type of general performance is not an easy process. A lot of small sort variable fans battle with that entire, like, “do we make it louder, and make it neat better”, or “do we retain it quieter and let it run hotter”. But these men, they did a rather fantastic job. Seeking at the temperatures, the idle and load temperatures are a very little warm, nothing poor, it is absolutely in-spec of what Intel suggests. You will not also see any variety of Thermal Throttling, but it does run warm.

The fantastic thing is that the supporters are very silent. When it is idle, it is practically silence but even underneath load, this is 1 of the quietest programs I’ve noticed with this form of effectiveness. They’re performing this by means of good, automated lover-regulate but, if there was one particular grievance I had about the thermal administration, I just desire that this point experienced consumer-controllable admirers, like I want to be capable to ramp it up and down depending on whatsoever I’m undertaking.


It will come with a mouse, and keyboard, with controllable RGB lights. It is not my cup of tea, but, they’re actually pretty comfortable to use. It is a membrane keyboard, it feels awesome, even however it’s absolutely free, I’m not gonna lie it feels far better than most membrane keyboards produced by significant name accessory makers.

The mouse feels less awesome, but it’s not lousy, it is bought a pounds adjustable method. But possibly a person of these peripherals are just sort of like, reward extras. They are quite feasible, I just wouldn’t go competitive MLG with them.

The AC adapter is big, it’s 330W, but it is just how the Trident is in a position to retain its size. The electrical power offer is external and you can generally conceal it to continue to keep your setup rather clean.


The Arctic version of the Trident 3 starts at $1500, which is, in my opinion, a quite fair price for what you’re having. I signify, obviously you can construct a typical Personal computer, with a GTX 1070 for much less expensive than this. There is no question. If you never care about the sizing of your situation, you can get similar effectiveness to this for $1200-$1300. It would have greater upgradeability down the line than this but it would be a heck of a ton more substantial. So, for MSI to adhere all this things into a 5.5-liter scenario, and include a mouse and a keyboard, for $1500, I imagine it is honest.


So, some final notes, I’ve toured with many, smaller gaming PCs, the Corsair A single is an amazing machine, quite tranquil, extremely very well-cooled, but it’s a very little large, at 12 liters. The Asus GR8 collection, or “great”, I’m not guaranteed how they pronounce it but it is a really effective process. The admirers are way also loud and Zotac can make some tiny form-variable containers, which are very quiet and tiny. They’re operating decrease wattage i5 CPUs which do not truly consider gain of the GPUs, and they are not as excellent for movie editing.

So all round, I truly like this method, if you can explain to, I have a handful of grievances about it, like, I never adore the layout. I would like the thermal controls were being a minor better. There is also some bloatware, not a ton, but, if you really don’t like eliminating that things, it is there.

Over-all, excellent program. Now, most persons who decide on up one thing like this, or type of, (are) in the market for some thing like this would stick it in their media heart, like beneath their Television set. Sort of like a console like, to exchange a PS4 or anything. I’m a person of the weird persons that would use this as my common Pc mainly because I like small gaming PCs and silent. I’m just weird like that but for men and women that are just in the market for this form of gadget, this is a great a person.

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