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For this task, I am constructing a medieval themed island.
This island is wholly fictional but I consider to make it as reasonable as probable.

As you can obviously see, this challenge is not concluded but but I at present work tricky on it. You can currently obtain the map if you want but don’t be expecting entire detail nor comprehensive furnished for insides.

The castle:
The castle is quite defensible it has 9 gates, 1 drawbridge, 6 portcullis lots of murder holes and arrowslits 2 key courtyards a garrison of 200 guards and a big foods storage.

The town:
Presently underneath construction…

All have been developed in inventive 1.10.2 with plugins like WorldEdit and:
The terraforming is performed employing a combination of WorldMachine, WorldPainting, WorldEdit and VoxelSniper.
the island is appropriate with all variations of Minecraft Personal computer above 1.10.X

The render is created with Chunky or the Conquest_of the Sun by monsterfish and the KUDA’s shaders.
I use the monsterfish_Conquered Tree Schematics for the vegetation
I endorse applying the Conquest or at least the john_smith texture pack for experiencing it.
Texture pack: Conquest 32×32

Lore : the castle has been launched in 1067 by Harard Sigurdsson “Harðráði” soon after his campaign in England (in this reality he did not die at stamford bridge but sill loose the fight). It is positioned north of genuine Netherlands. In his latest condition, in 1450 the island is unbiased and the duke who guidelines it also have some territories on the island and other coastal provinces and can sustain his independence with trading and alliances.

Added Credits: Developed by: Ragnar le Rouge


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