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Medieval Castle and Town 

This build depicts a medieval castle located on the coastline. It consists of a huge preserve as the most important dwelling area and closing protection for the community lord. The bailey includes a good corridor, chapel and photo voltaic, as well as kitchens, stables, barracks, and storage.

The castle-city is surrounded by significant stone walls and is divided into an upper and reduce city. The upper town incorporates the substantial church and quite a few upper -class houses and outlets. The decrease city incorporates quite a few houses and stores, as effectively as, as stable, inns, taverns, smith, carpenter, and glass-maker. The lower city also contains a quay with buying and selling ships and warehouses.

Outside the walls, there is a small farming community complete with a mill, barn, granary, threshing pit, sector, stables, butcher, baker, farmhouses, orchards, gardens, apiary, fishing docks, and crop fields.

I have experimented with to make this as practical as achievable, this means that I have normally built developing much more simplistically, as they would be in real daily life. Please really feel absolutely free to remark with any ideas you might have for advancements.

Foreseeable future ideas:
-Furnishing all interiors
-Leather tannery
-More fields
-Additional orchards



Supplemental Credits: Built by: COLFETTERS


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