Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse Review

Despite its low price, the Logitech G300s can outperform some of today’s more expensive gaming mouse. It boasts a sculpted, ergonomic shape that is suitable for both lefts- and right-handed gamers. It also has an on-the-fly DPI change with a maximum resolution of 2,500 dpi.

The mouse can save up to three onboard settings and has six customizable buttons, which we enjoy. Even though it’s one of Logitech’s oldest mice, this tried-and-true model is still a good buy for budget-conscious gamers.

Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse Review

Many serious gamers have in common that they like their mice to be as configurable as possible. This allows you to have a mouse that feels as though it was built particularly for you. Everyone has a certain function that they would want their mouse to be able to do. As a result, even though the gaming mouse seems the same to untrained eyes, they all feel quite different in terms of usage. Everyone personalizes their mouse to their liking.

It is sometimes advisable to get your gaming mouse from a well-known brand, and the Logitech G300S comes from a reputable family. Furthermore, it is an ambidextrous mouse. Configure the program to your favourite orientation.

Some games need the usage of an expensive mouse, while others do not. Some fall somewhere in the middle. The G300S has the advantage of being so inexpensive that you can purchase two or even three of them without breaking the bank.

In the next sections, we will look at the mouse’s functions and capabilities.


The Logitech G300s Gaming mouse has a symmetrical shape and is made of a combination of matte and gloss black plastic. The sides are constructed of soft rubber, which makes it comfortable to handle and adds additional grip.

The mouse’s base is a brilliant blue that may be matched with changing RGB light strips. Using a PC or Mac, you may change the colour of these LEDs to one of the eight options indicated below. While they aren’t the brightest during the day, they truly come alive at night, giving the G300s a subtle gamer vibe.

The mouse features an ambidextrous symmetrical form, which means it may be used with either hand. The mouse’s sculpted curved design perfectly fits the palm of your hand, with the buttons conveniently accessible.

Because of the form, you may either rest your hand on the mouse for comfort or utilize a claw-like grip for more precise motions.

I’d be lying if I claimed the G300s feels as quality as my MX Master, but it’s much superior to the typical 3rd party cheap gaming mouse available online. The cable is 2m long and beautiful, and lengthy. However, it seems a bit cheap. I’ll return in a few months to provide an update on the cable’s endurance.

Logitech added a wonderful touch by giving each side button a varying length of click travel, allowing you to decrease click mistakes. While it may not be necessary for daily work, gamers need to use an 8-button mouse effectively.

My only complaint with the Logitech G300s is that the scroll wheel is a little gritty and not very smooth. It’s a little issue that I soon became used to.

Overall, I’d rate the G300s mouse an 8/10 in terms of design, comfort, and build quality.


There is no denying that mouse buttons are maybe more crucial than any other feature. Fortunately, the Logitech G300S has nine completely configurable buttons. You may give various functionalities to any button as you see fit.

This mouse’s buttons are conveniently placed and remain out of the way when you don’t need to click them. You may change your DPI settings while you’re on the move by clicking one of the two buttons situated under the scroll wheel.

The buttons may receive 10 million clicks. That is a lot of money. If you take proper care of your mouse, you should be able to use it for at least a few years, which is a great value given the low price you will spend on it.

The button arrangement differs somewhat from that of other Logitech gaming mouse. You have two buttons at the thumb position; the scroll wheel also functions as a button since it is clickable, two DPI settings positioned under the scroll wheel, and the standard right and left click buttons. Finally, there are two buttons on either side of the mouse’s extreme edge.

Before you begin using the mouse for gaming, could you familiarize yourself with it? It won’t be easy to forget which button has been modified to function after you have memorized it.


One thing to note is that this mouse connects quickly with the computer, which is something that wireless gaming mice cannot accomplish. If you like, you may increase the polling rate in the program to as high as 1000Hz.

There is no lag between the mouse and the computer at all. When you provide a command, it is instantly displayed/executed on the screen. If you play fast-paced games, you should adjust the mouse speed to 1000Hz. If you’re playing sluggish games, any frequency from 125Hz forward will suffice.

Another thing we can remark about this mouse’s performance because the bottom is so nicely designed that the mouse can glide effortlessly over any surface. Even if you don’t have a gaming mat, you can still use this mouse.

The buttons are excellent, as we have said multiple times in our Logitech G300S review. They reply quickly. It might be difficult for a first-time user to get accustomed to the side buttons, but you may assign any function to the buttons once you do.

Technical Specifications

Setup is a breeze; download the Logitech Mouse App, which allows you to customize the RGB illumination and configure up to three profiles. The mouse is plug-and-play, but there is no way to adjust the illumination or button layouts without the software.

Once within the software, you may customize the DPI points, mouse polling rates, and what the 9 programmable buttons perform. It’s effortless and incredibly cool! My right-click buttons are configured to the windows tab. Could you give it a go?

Once configured, the mouse includes three onboard memory profiles that you can personalize and choose between using the buttons beneath the scroll wheel.


Before we go into the Logitech Software, you need to be aware of a few facts. This mouse comes with default choices, so you can plug it in and use it. You can get the program later.

The mouse is no longer included with a software installation DVD. Rather, you must get the software from the Logitech website. This irritates some individuals. However, you only need to download and install it once and you’re done.

The program is quite simple to use. It is a program that allows you to choose options by clicking on them. As a result, even if you’ve never installed software before, you should have no trouble with this one. After you’ve installed the program, you can begin assigning various functions to the buttons.

You may also configure the direction of your mouse. This function will come in handy if you are left-handed.


If you’ve made it this far in our Logitech G300S review, you’ve seen that it’s an excellent entry-level mouse with almost as many features as higher-priced gaming mice. The low price is unquestionably the most compelling incentive to purchase. You’ll also like the mouse’s fully customizable buttons and eye-catching appearance. There are no regrets when it comes to this gaming mouse.

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