Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Incense Pots puzzle (Toshi’s Fear)

Wondering how to remedy the Incense Pots puzzle in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits? If you’ve followed the Mask Maker path as component of the Toshi’s Dread quest and you’re trapped on these infernal Incense Pots, you’ve got come to just the appropriate spot. There’s not substantially to say in this article, so let’s bounce correct into our walkthrough of how to clear up this certain puzzle in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits.

How to address the Incense Pots puzzle in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

In the ultimate act of Kena: Bridge Of Spirits you have to traverse the farthest and hitherto untouched reaches of the Village place of the map in buy to observe down a few relics belonging to the Village leader, Toshi. Every relic can be uncovered at the finish of a certain route, one of which is the Mask Maker path – and it is at the finish of this route that you will come across the incense pots puzzle.

In the centre of a clearing in entrance of a big dwelling, you may locate three incense pots, and at the edge of the clearing you’ll discover a few stone constructions wherever the incense pots will have to be put. Nonetheless, each incense pot will have to be placed on the correct plinth in buy for you to development. That is the puzzle. The good thing is, there’s a straightforward resolution.

To address the incense pots puzzle in the Toshi’s Panic quest, just look intently at the mask carved into each individual incense pot and each individual stone composition. You have to match the masks with each other: for occasion, 1 incense pot bears a mask with what seems to be like 4 eye holes. You ought to put this incense pot on the construction with the identical four-eyed mask.

Do the exact same with the other two masks, which are in truth marginally distinctive from one particular a different, and the puzzle will be solved. A single you’ve put all 3 incense pots on the appropriate plinths, you can be equipped to interact with the glowing mask that appears in the centre of the clearing in purchase to summon the Mask Maker manager.

That is all there is to resolving the Incense Pots puzzle in the Toshi’s Panic quest of Kena: Bridge Of Spirits. Substantially like the before Fishing Shrine puzzle, it is really really uncomplicated the moment you realize that there is a puzzle that requirements solving. If you are just after a lot more general hints on the video game, examine out our record of best Kena: Bridge Of Spirits strategies and tricks. And if you want to make positive you are not missing something along this path, as nicely as consulting the map information above you can look at out our walkthrough on the different Spirit Mail places.