Kena: Bridge Of Spirits: how to open the Storehouse Door

Puzzled about how to open up the Storehouse Doorway in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits? The smallest place of the sport, the Storehouse, is also 1 of the more bewildering and puzzle-dense regions of the globe – and the confusion isn’t really assisted by the truth that you’ve just been presented a new ability and will have to rapidly discover how it performs in purchase to get by way of the Storehouse in just one piece.

Down below we are going to walk you via accurately how to activate the two Electricity Crystals and open the Storehouse Door in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits. You may come across both a penned and a video clip walkthrough of the Storehouse puzzle under, so what are you ready for? Let’s dive in.

How to open up the Storehouse Doorway in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

Right after liberating Taro’s spirit in the initial “act” of the video game, Kena is tasked with finding and serving to a famous Woodsmith on the western side of the Kena: Bridge Of Spirits map. To get there, she first has to get via the Storehouse and open the door to the other side.

Thankfully in the Storehouse she satisfies a spirit referred to as Hana, a shut pal of the Woodsmith, who demonstrates Kena how to summon and use a Spirit Bomb to activate the aged technologies in the Storehouse. For additional information on the Spirit Bomb, examine out our Kena: Bridge Of Spirits abilities walkthrough.

To open the Storehouse Door, you need to very first activate two Electricity Crystals on the lifted platforms on possibly side of the Storehouse Door. Below are the measures to stick to – or you can check out the video clip walkthrough higher than to see exactly how to open up the Storehouse Doorway, and find all the area collectibles though you’re at it!

This is how to open the Storehouse Doorway in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits:

  1. Head up the stairs driving and to the left, and use a Spirit Bomb on the rocks below.
  2. Shoot the crystal on the largest floating piece to transform it into a walkway, then follow the path together until eventually you reach a slope.
  3. Jump down the slope into an underground portion and defeat the enemies there (use Spirit Bombs on the significant kinds).
  4. Demolish the Deadzone Coronary heart and use a Spirit Bomb on the particles driving it.
  5. Climb midway up, then use a Spirit Bomb on the chunk of rock in the corner. Shoot the crystal in the leading system, then grapple to the Flower to get to the leading of the platform.
  6. Wipe out the next Deadzone Coronary heart and climb up to the place the very first Electricity Crystal lies.
  7. Spirit Bomb the Electricity Crystal, then shoot the crystals with your Spirit Bow to rotate the a few items right until the strains all mild up bright blue.
  8. Head again down to where by Hana is waiting, and use a Spirit Bomb on the rocks behind and to the ideal.
  9. Climb up the rocks, then use a Spirit Bomb on the following set of rocks to get to the system and defeat the enemies there.
  10. Head up the stairs to the appropriate and follow the route round right up until you attain a gap.
  11. Use Spirit Bombs on the two sets of rocks beneath to generate a platform to the other aspect.
  12. Activate the next Ability Crystal in particularly the identical way as the to start with just one.
  13. Head down to ground amount, stand on the button in entrance of the Storehouse Door, and pulse to open up the doorway.

Observe these techniques accurately to activate the two Electric power Crystals, and you will get that Storehouse Doorway open in no time, making it possible for you to set foot for the initial time in the Fields of Kena: Bridge Of Spirits.

That’s the thriller of the Storehouse Door puzzle solved! Even though you happen to be listed here, be certain to check out our checklist of Kena: Bridge Of Spirits tips and tips. If you are wanting to know when you’ll come upon your upcoming fantastic adversary, be confident to seek advice from our Kena: Bridge Of Spirits boss fights information. Or, if you might be interested in hunting down every thing the recreation has to present, be guaranteed to look at out our walkthroughs on all the Spirit Mail destinations.