Jewelry Store from Bit City – Minecraft Building Inc

Hello there anyone,

My identify is Koenigsegg_Agera, and these days I current to you the “Jewelry Store” from Little bit City, an app manufactured by NimbleBit for iOS. I tried out to recreate the essential composition as ideal as I could, nonetheless, I have extra some modest inventive tweaks in this article and there and I also extra an interior. I plan to develop a city filled with buildings from Bit City in the upcoming, but this is my to start with just one. This building matches within a 32×32 block region and can be saved and duplicated working with composition blocks.

Supplemental Credits: I created this myself, but I give credit history to NimbleBit, the creators of the application Bit City, for the style of this jewelry retailer.


Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:32:58.