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Greenfield Formal Texture Pack 1.7.4

Welcome to the town of Greenfield. The moment done, this town will be the largest metropolis to have ever been crafted in Minecraft. The town is very compact as it is now compared to the planned size of it.

This town, is not just a metropolis. It is a globe. Working experience exploration and adventure like you hardly ever have ahead of. Climb up the tallest skyscrapers. Go underground into the darkest tunnels. Wander the streets like as if you were strolling all over in a actual city. Greenfield has so a lot to supply, it is going to be the greatest metropolis ever built in minecraft the moment completed.


Creating Team:
THEJESTR – Owner, Founder and Leader

KristofferAndre – Admin and Texture Pack Developer

TrippleX – Admin and Server Tech
iVienudo – Admin
56515 – Admin
rossislegend – Supervisor
theflyingeagle1 – Supervisor
denisshtefan – Supervisor
suzukiracer222 – Supervisor
TM9003 – Architect
W321321 – Architect
nighthawk2012 – Architect
JacobKazias – Architect
OwenJDCanada – Architect
AustinNDS – Architect
whbilbo – Architect
NJDaeger – Architect