How to Improve Your Gaming Experience on Computers 

You can work and play games on the same computer, but the experience can be completely different. For work, it might be the best computer but completely the opposite for playing games.

Your normal computer cannot give that seamless gaming experience as compared to a dedicated gaming computer. Again, on a gaming laptop, also you need to do some tweaking to get the best out of it.

Tweak Storage & Display Options


Optimizing the disk space is certainly one of the first things that you need to do on your computer to make it gaming-ready. Well, that’s easy and demands nothing more than your time. So go on and delete all unnecessary files, particularly the large ones, and remove application source files to make space on storage media, which will lead to better overall performance.

It becomes quite necessary for you to tweak the display options if you want to have the best experience while gaming on your computer. Despite spending money on highly featured and fancy gaming computers, it doesn’t automatically enable you to use all its gaming functionalities until you tweak the display options.

For example, if your computer has a high Refresh Rate monitor running at 144Hz and higher, you are required to enable that Refresh Rate in the Windows operating system of your computer. Only then is it possible to have a seamless, uninterrupted gaming experience.

You can utilize the Overdrive feature that reduces the blurring of your monitor. Next, if you want to have sharper images, then you can turn on supersampling in your graphics driver options; however, you can do this if you have a particularly beefy graphics card.

Change Your Mouse Settings

Changing the Mouse Settings to what is suitable for games is yet another effective way to enhance your gaming experience on your computer. To do so, execute the following steps: Go to Settings, click on Devices, tap on Mouse, and then select Additional Mouse Options.

Then, adjust the pointer speed to the 6th notch. Make sure that the Enhance Pointer Precision is set to disable mode. The Mouse Acceleration or the Pointer Precision moves the cursor further on moving the mouse faster. This setting is ideal for desktop use but not for gaming.

So, to make the movements sensitive, you should adjust sensitivity in-game instead of Windows computer, provided the game you prefer to play supports it completely. If your gaming mouse has an adjustable DPI, change that based on in-game sensitivity.

Nonetheless, mouse sensitivity can be adjusted based on individual choice, and you can select among multiple different configurations. Therefore, you can either use different configurations or follow recommendations from other gamers.

Upgrade Your Computer Graphics Drivers

The next way to upgrade your gaming experience from your gaming computer is to keep your computer graphic drivers upgraded. However, note that it is not necessary to update drivers for your hardware unless there is an issue with it.

However, the graphics card is different; manufacturers AMD and NVidia often issue driver updates having optimizations for the latest new games. So, you need to install the appropriate drivers and keep them upgraded to enhance the gaming performance of your computer. To do so, go to the download pages on the AMD, NVidia, or Intel website, enter the model number of your graphics card, and then download the latest driver package.

Use Ethernet (or Improve Your Wi-Fi)

If you play multiplayer games online, you’re very much dependent on your internet’s speed. You can play such games smoothly only if your internet connection is continuous and speedy.

If your internet connectivity is intermittent and losing connection constantly, you need to improve your network connection. Check all the connections and devices to ensure they are working properly.

In such a case, the best solution is to get an ethernet or wired connection i.e., connect your computer to your router directly with an ethernet cable and keep your computer near to the router. Else, improve your Wi-Fi speed. If you get a Wi-Fi connection with low capacity, it will also work.

Refine Your Game’s Graphics

As refining your game’s graphics isn’t only a Windows customization thing, your games will perform the best if you set their graphic options correctly. Some games automatically detect the configuration of your computer and adjust the graphics settings consistently.

But for the games that cannot automatically detect your computer configuration, you can adjust an option from pre-existing Low, Medium, or High settings. You can also get graphics settings guides for several games by searching online and you can find websites that will help you to solve this quicker.

If your computer has an NVidia card, you may try out NVidia’s GeForce Experience in-built game settings optimizer. This allows selecting either better performance or better graphics and automatically selects the correct settings suitable for your requirements.

Even if you have a low-end computer, you can get advanced games, provided you are successful in finding and using the game’s configuration files. In case the above-mentioned settings don’t work, you can upgrade your computer hardware or get one of the best gaming laptops for an excellent gaming experience ever.

The Finishing Lines

At the end of this article, you know how to improve the gaming experience on your computer. So, try these breakthrough ways and see your gaming experience increase.