The Difference in Gaming Experience on Mobile Phones and PC

The online gaming market has been on an almost vertical rise lately. It’s a vast industry that comprises several different niches, like hardware and software developers. Last year, it reached USD 61.5 billion in market size. It’s a market that thrives on tech innovations; luckily, plenty of ground-breaking innovations are coming up. Come with us and learn the difference between PC and mobile gaming. Above all, learn how to make the best of each.

Bridges to Fundom


The question underlying this article wouldn’t make sense a few years ago. There used to be a clear and apparently insurmountable gap between the capabilities of a smartphone and a computer. Such a gap no longer exists: a flagship smartphone and an entry-level PC are comparable in many ways. Many games that were once exclusive to bulky PCs can now be played right on your mobile phone.

Nowadays casino games are widely played on the mobile phones that proliferate throughout the world, as covered by However, desktops and laptops remain unbeatable in some gaming situations. Let’s compare both options and where they’re at their best.


Smartphones and tablets win by a landslide here. Even more, portable laptops can’t compete with flagship smartphones in terms of mobility. Smartphones and tablets can be easily carried anywhere and used even while commuting. You’ve probably already seen someone playing mobile games on public transport.

People playing on laptops while commuting are a much rarer sight, though. Still, laptops have the edge over desktops because the first can be carried much more easily than the latter. The ability to play anywhere on the go is one of the main reasons behind the rise in popularity of mobile gaming.



The gameplay varies significantly between desktop and portable devices, regardless of the game. Mobile-oriented games must provide clear options and intuitive menus to compensate for the lack of buttons and controllers. Still, smartphones and tablets can use cameras and geolocation for in-game purposes.

Thanks to their alphanumeric keyboards, computers can present more complex combinations of commands. Games that cross the line between mobile and desktop gaming, like Call of Duty, and League of Legends, offer similar gaming options on any device.

Hardware and Customisation

A PC for gamers isn’t like the regular PC you’ll find on the shelves. It can be customised from top to bottom, combining parts from several different manufacturers to create a top-notch gaming machine. Some gamers even put their devices for rent when they aren’t training. Smartphones and tablets are what they are. There’s very little space for customisation or replacing any kind of hardware.

It’s impossible to gear up a smartphone as we do with a computer. Still, it’s possible to optimise your Android device for gaming. It’s possible to have better sound effects by enabling Dolby Atmos on higher trims of Samsung Galaxy. It’s also possible to preset shorter refresh times and tune into more efficient networks.

Adaptability to Peripherals


Computers used to have way more gaming peripherals than mobile devices, but this situation is beginning to change. Computers indeed have thrilling options, like racing simulators, with a steering wheel, pedals, gear, and everything. Mobile devices didn’t have anything but earphones as peripherals for quite a long time.

However, there’s increasing integration between smartphones and wearable devices. Smart glasses and smartwatches are beginning to play along with gaming apps. VR and AR glasses are expected to transform mobile gaming, allowing for more interactivity, realism, and innovative gameplay.

Price Tags

Those who love following the latest tech trends know that smartphones and tablets can be pretty expensive. Yet, nothing compares with a gamer PC. The newest iPhone, the iPhone 13 Pro Max, is one of the finest pieces of mobile technology available in the market. It can be found for about USD 1,600. Although a flagship mobile device isn’t cheap, the sky’s the limit for a gamer PC. A top-notch gamer PC can be found for USD 4,000 or more.

Working Where Others Have Fun

It’s a fantastic moment for those game lovers who have always dreamed about playing professionally. Several teams and local competitions can join and get your first kicks in this niche. However, if you’re considering stepping up your game, you’ll also have to raise your gear a peg or two.

Not even the best mobile device will do the trick if you want to become a professional gamer. You’ll need to practise in tournament conditions. Moreover, you’ll need to use the best technology available for efficient and seamless gameplay. You can also build your own PC with the parts and peripherals of your choice.

The Rise of Mobile Gaming


Not everybody wants to be a professional gamer if a good smartphone isn’t enough for a professional gamer. Most people play just for fun and buy the latest smartphone anyway because they love technology. Last year, 1,43 billion smartphones were sold globally.

More than 80% of the global population owns a smartphone, which means more people are gaming than ever before. More new games are reaching the market for mobile devices than PC. Unsurprisingly, mobile games have a much larger share in the gaming market.

Choose Your Weapons

Now that you know the main differences between going mobile and going desktop, it’s time to decide. Before shelling out tons of money on a class-A gaming device, make sure the machine you’re buying – be it portable or not – is adequate for your gaming habits.

Going for a top-notch gamer PC might be overkill if you’re not a competitor or don’t play too complex games. Consider going for a really good smartphone or tablet instead. Many blogs and forums discuss which mobile device is better for specific games.

However, if you want a machine to practise for local competitions, it’s better to start investing in your own gaming PC. Alternatively, you can rent one, while you don’t buy your own. Also, look at forums and blogs for information about the best peripherals for the game you want to practise.