How To Totally Get Rid Of Weapon Recoil In Far Cry 6

Fuck you, birds.
Gif: Ubisoft / Kotaku

The new open-entire world shooter Considerably Cry 6 rapidly allows you develop into an unstoppable machine. Here’s a trick that’ll make you even a lot less stoppable: By turning off the game’s digital camera shake, you will wholly reduce recoil for all weapons, like shotguns and particularly high fireplace-charge equipment guns.

As pointed out by Reddit user RogerKillsPeggy, developer Ubisoft looks to have tied weapon recoil to digital camera shake in Far Cry 6. Generally, when you fireplace an automatic weapon consistently, your targeting reticle will sway wildly around the screen, with just how wildly dependent on that weapon’s unique stats. RogerKillsPeggy posted a brief online video illustrating how negative the recoil can get, and how much smoother it can be when you disable digital camera shakes. In the first fifty percent, the player empties an LMG clip into the air, and the reticle ticks upward, out of regulate. In the second 50 %, the weapon stays continual as a lake on a windless evening.

I tested the trick out these days, and confident ample, this exploit seems to function throughout the board.

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The solitary-shot .MBP 50 sniper rifle does not move a pixel. Shotguns either. Assault rifles and SMGs never have awful recoil in this recreation to begin with, but the trick performs for those people weapons too. Most unfairly, none of the game’s 4 LMGs—from the basic RPD to the one with this kind of a high hearth-level it seems like a chainsaw, the MG42—sway at all. (Bonus tip: Set blast rounds on your LMG and have on a piece of equipment with the Anti Air perk, which dishes out additional destruction to helicopters and planes, and you’ll under no circumstances have to fear about traveling vehicles once more.)

Switching off your camera shake is, dare I say, an overpowered workaround in a video game that now offers you leeway to be rather strong. On consoles, you can change off digicam shake by opening up Considerably Cry 6’s video clip selections, scrolling to the Movement submenu, and switching digital camera shakes from “full” to “minimal.” For Personal computer players, that option is buried below the “Quality” section of the video clip solutions.


Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:40:20.