Get Ready To Race As Final Fantasy Characters In Chocobo GP For Switch

Chocobo is using a page from the Mario Kart playbook. While Chocobo is no stranger to racing, a new activity termed Chocobo GP, which was introduced at modern Nintendo Direct, is supplying a new highlight for the Last Fantasy mascot to strut its stuff on the observe. 

The racing seems to be similar to Mario Kart, where you may throw issues like fireballs to divert the development of your competitors and use drifting to your benefit. You can also pick from legendary Final Fantasy characters, from Vivi to a Moogle, as your racer and all occur with a unique set of wheels. Psst. Chocobo flies on rollerblades.

To get a superior notion of the shenanigans in retailer, you can observe the trailer above.

You can make a mad sprint for the finish line in 2024.