Chocobo GP will have at least 20 playable characters

You may well keep in mind that, a few of weeks ago, Chocobo GP was introduced in Nintendo‘s September 2022 Direct. Properly, Sq. Enix has been conversing about the activity far more all through a panel at this year’s Tokyo Video game Display. In reality, there was even in-depth information and facts about the gameplay, including the capability to select up legendary magic spells.

Yet another new detail came from a submitted concern. They experienced asked video game director Akihiko Maeda about the likelihood of DLC maps and characters. Maeda didn’t genuinely answer it, but Maeda did say that there will be at the very least 20 playable figures in the game, and that Square Enix will reveal them at a later day. However, Maeda did not say if all 20 playable characters will be involved at start.