Get all currently available Lord of the Rings Online quest packs free

Final yr, Standing Stone Video games gave absent a bunch of quest packs for The Lord of the Rings On the web so folks had one thing to do all through lockdown. Now the studio has a equivalent giveaway going on, and you can get all the at present readily available quest packs for absolutely free. All you have to do is redeem the coupon code LOTROQUESTS2023 in the LotRO retail store in-video game before November 30. Which signifies you can expect to have to set up it first, and presented that it really is an MMO that’s gonna just take a though.

The code nets you 24 quest packs, as nicely as the Much Anórien location pack and a mission pack named The Further more Adventures of Bilbo Baggins. It will not involve the enlargement quests or “instance clusters” like Mines of Moria and Riders of Rohan, but a bunch of those are on sale at the second. It also will never convert a totally free-to-participate in account into a quality one, so you’ll be trapped with f2p boundaries like not obtaining the Using ability.

It really is even now a rather generous sum of stuff, far extra than you may possibly want. When I played The Lord of the Rings On the web I hardly left The Shire, simply because it’s full of barmy sidequests the place you produce pies, chase squirrels, and get continuously turned into a chicken.

LotRO’s future growth, Fate of Gundabad, is due later on this 12 months.