Twitch megaleak reveals secret Steam competitor codenamed Vapour

Twitch has been compromised in an massive facts leak, which involves the site’s source code, many unannounced and unreleased assignments, and facts these kinds of as how much specific streamers are getting paid out. The company has nevertheless to make any official remark but, regardless, this is a hack on a simply catastrophic scale.

Among the unannounced initiatives involved is software package codenamed Vapour or Vapor. This seems to be a humorous title for what is supposed to eventually be a competitor to Steam. Fundamentally: picture just getting and having your game titles library on Twitch, with all of Twitch’s capabilities.

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It is really a transfer that will make evident sense, and just one that will have Valve (nevermind the relaxation of the opposition) anxious. No matter what type Vapour finally will take, it will launch to a captive audience that already has Twitch as portion of their gaming life, and straight out of the gate could turn out to be really massive, extremely fast.

Further more property from the ‘Vapeworld’ factor suggest anything akin to Playstation House (you should not all operate absent at when!). Info-diver Sinoc reckons it truly is “some sort of VR chat detail” and dug up, among other things, a 3D Bob Ross chat emote and a Hearthstone card.

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The initial hints of what Amazon was up to emerged with a patent filing back in 2017, 3 a long time after its first acquisition of Twitch. US patent 20170001111a1, ‘Joining Online games from a Spectating System’, describes a UI utilized to “order, invest in, or normally acquire demo or complete versions of games.” This patented software package will also aspect a spectator UI that can be made use of to “look at broadcast streams, be a part of reside sport session and begin new video game periods”.

It will be some time right before the fallout from this Twitch leak settles, with the first tranche of substance ominously labelled ‘twitch-leaks-portion-one’. So there is certainly more to appear in long run, and it really is also truly worth noting that the hacker/s have produced anything: there may possibly have been a ransom need powering-the-scenes we will not know about that wasn’t achieved, or it might be that these persons are just out to ‘get’ Twitch in the most public way possible.

Laptop Gamer will continue to keep you abreast of the most up-to-date developments: meantime, even although the passwords in the leak are encrypted, transform your Twitch password.

Originally posted 2021-11-11 13:02:11.