100 Games Like Night in the Woods

Games like Night In The Woods are a new trend in video games. This game is created by indie developer Infinite Fall, this game is a story-driven exploration of everyday life as a college dropout. There is no clear goal, and it has been described as “a kind of point-and-click adventure that tells its story using text, scripted sequences, and minimal graphics.” It’s a unique type of game that has never been seen before and one that many people will enjoy playing.

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Games Like Night in the Woods

Here are some other games like Night In The Woods! If you need more, check out this list.

1) Breaking Point

Breaking Point is a game that follows the life of Ian as he struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts. It’s very short, but it has an emotional storyline to delve into.

2) Azure Striker Gunvolt

One of the main characters, Copen, has many similarities to Mae. He’s also a skilled fighter who uses guns and can perform powerful attacks.

3) Undertale

The creator of Undertale, Toby Fox, is an artist that worked on Night In The Woods. You can see some similarities in music styles between the games.

4) VA-11 HALL-A

This game follows a bartender who interacts with customers and serves them drinks. Night In The Woods has some similarities in the social interactions between characters at dive bars.

5) The Beginner’s Guide

This game is narrated by an unknown character that guides you throughout the story, but they also have no clear goal or objective.

6) Night in the Woods

Besides the apparent similarities, Night In The Woods also has similar themes of depression and mental health.

7) The Cat Lady

This game is an adventure game about a woman trying to find happiness after mental illness and suicide attempts. Still, it’s set in a point-and-click world where you uncover clues through dialogue and interaction.

8) Downfall

This game is about a journalist who needs to investigate a mystery for her next story, but she’s also dealing with her struggling marriage and child.

9) Imscared

This game is concise, but it has minimal graphics, frightening images, and a dark atmosphere.

10) Death’s Gambit

This indie hit follows death as he plays chess with souls in limbo. It also has similar body horror elements that are common in Night In The Woods.

11) Nightmare House 2

Nightmare House 2 is an indie horror game that follows a girl trying to escape from different haunted house levels. It has similar jump scares and atmosphere, but the story isn’t as developed.

12) Stardew Valley

More of an RPG game than Night In The Woods. Stardew Valley is still very fun to play and explore. It has animal characters like Night In The Woods, which are animals you can befriend and have lived in your area.

13) Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy is an indie platformer about a boy made of bandages trying to rescue his girlfriend, but it has challenging levels like Night In The Woods.

14) I’m Scared Of Girls

In this game, a young man tries to find love and comfort through a series of interactions. It’s a little similar to Night In The Woods ‘ atmosphere, but the graphics are cartoonish instead of minimalistic.

15) In Between

This indie game is about a woman trying to deal with the death of her husband as she moves on with life. Two characters have different timelines, and you need to explore the levels to change between them.

16) Scribblenauts Unlimited

This is a puzzle game where you explore worlds, go on adventures and interact with objects. The object of the main story is to find your kidnapped sister through these puzzles.

17) Home

No clear goal, strange interactions, and dark themes are all things that this game has in common with Night In The Woods.

18) Owlboy

Both games have a minimalistic graphic style but still manage to convey emotions through the faces of characters. Owlboy is set in an open world where you explore different islands while fighting enemies along the way.

19) Unravel

A puzzle platformer where you solve puzzles as a minor character that unravels from a red scarf.

20) Yume Nikki

Another dark video game with minimal graphics, this time it also has more horror elements and focuses on exploration to tell its story.

21) Dream

This game has the same themes of depression and mental abuse, but it also creates emotions through exploration.

22) Gone Home

Gone Home is an interactive story that follows a young woman who returns home from traveling to find her family missing. Like Night In The Woods, you need to look around the house to find clues, interact with objects, and piece together what happened.

23) Dear Esther

Dear Esther is a game built on exploration, uncovering the story through notes scattered across an island, with minimal graphics to create emotions through sound effects instead. While it has similar themes of depression in Night In The Woods, they are told more overtly rather than revealed through subtle hints.

24) Ether One

Ether One is a puzzle platformer where you explore memories of a disabled person’s life. The player will have to solve puzzles to restore pieces of memory and help the character rebuild their identity lost in an accident.

25) Kentucky Route Zero

Like Night In The Woods, this game has minimalistic graphics but still tells its story through dialogue and interactions with objects.

26) Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is a platformer where you have to solve puzzles while avoiding different monsters at each level.

27) The Old City: Leviathan

This game has the same dark atmosphere as Night In The Woods, but it’s more of an interactive story rather than puzzle-solving like NIwtW. You explore scenes while clicking on words that pop up, telling the story of the world around you.

28) Shadow Of The Colossus

This game follows a young man who tries to bring his recently deceased lover back to life by hunting down 16 colossi across an island. There are no other characters or dialogue besides what you get from reading signs at the beginning and end of levels, meaning it focuses on exploring and fighting.

29) Yomawari: Night Alone

This game has dark themes like those in Night In The Woods, but it focuses more on creating a spooky atmosphere as you explore the town at night to collect items for your missing sister. It’s also more of a platformer where you have to avoid different enemies rather than solve puzzles.

30) Clannad or Little Busters

Both these games focus on storytelling, with heavy themes based around people who are depressed after losing their loved ones. They’re both story-driven visual novels where you will need to make decisions that affect the outcome of your relationships.

31) Game Dev Tycoon

A simulation game where you run a studio developing new games while dealing with all your employees.

32) Spacebase DF-9

Similar to Night In The Woods, you need to build up your base while keeping everyone happy. It’s also more of an exploration game, finding new resources and trying not to get attacked by enemies.

33) Minecraft

You can explore freely in this game, where you have the option of building different structures, fighting monsters, and even riding animals.

34) Slime Rancher

This is a farming simulation where you have to collect slimes on a farm while maintaining their happiness levels so they’ll produce more slime balls for you.

35) Kenshi

You can explore a massive open-world in this game as you create your character and choose their stats. There is no story as the focus is more on building your empire, but it does have good sandbox elements similar to NIwtW.

36) Oxenfree

This is a story-driven adventure where you play as a young girl who can use a radio to communicate with ghosts.

37) The Walking Dead (Telltale game series)

These are interactive stories where your decisions directly affect how they play out. They also revolve around people fighting for survival, similar to Night In The Woods.

38) Life Is Strange

Another interactive story where different choices will affect the outcome of the plot. Like NIwtW, this game revolves around teenagers dealing with dark or supernatural elements that threaten their everyday lives or relationships.

39) Celeste

Like NIwtW, this platformer is all about going through puzzles and climbing up a mountain while avoiding different enemies. It also has a focus on telling an emotional story.

40) Pony Island

This is another puzzle-solving adventure where you need to figure out how to get rid of a demon who has taken over your computer.

41) God Of War (2018 version)

In this action-adventure game, you play as Kratos as he tries to rebuild his relationship with his son by killing lots of creatures and gods from Greek mythology. It’s full of exciting hack-and-slash moments and has lots of different puzzles to solve.

42) The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

In this game, you explore a massive world as you try to defeat Calamity Ganon, who’s been terrorizing your kingdom for 100 years. You can explore freely as you complete quests and collect resources by solving puzzles.

43) Danganronpa 3: Ultra Despair Girls (series)

These are interactive stories where you go through the main plot and meet different types of people. It has a dark story, with lots of twisted characters who will make things difficult for you.

44) Dragon Quest VIII: Journey Of The Cursed King

This is an old-school RPG where you play as a young prince who goes on an adventure with his friends to defeat the evil jester who cursed their kingdom. It has traditional turn-based battles and lots of different quests to complete.

45) Secret Of Mana

This is another action RPG, similar to The Legend Of Zelda series, except you can have three people in your party instead of just one character. This makes it more fun as you explore the world, searching for new weapons and items that will help you defeat enemies.

46) The Longest Journey Series

These are story-driven adventures where you meet different kinds of characters while trying to save two parallel universes (magic vs. technology It’s very good at creating the atmosphere of fantasy worlds and has lots of fantastic puzzles to solve.

47) I Am Setsuna

This is a turn-based RPG where you explore a world full of snow and ice as you complete quests and learn more about the people who live there. It’s similar to classic RPGs like Chrono Trigger.

48) Bastion

This is an action RPG where you explore a destroyed world by completing small missions and defeating enemies with different types of weapons. It’s very colorful and has a unique art style that makes it stand out from other games.

49) Heartstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

A popular card game where players battle against each other using different cards representing creatures and spells based on the lore of Warcraft. You unlock new cards and build a more robust deck to use in various battles as you play.

50) Don’t Starve Together

This is a multiplayer survival game where you try to stay alive in the wilderness by gathering resources and avoiding dangerous monsters. It’s all about crafting tools and equipment that will help you accomplish your goals.

51) Mutazione

This game is a very atmospheric exploration platformer and filled with strange things you need to figure out. It has lots of different endings, which makes it fun to go back and try again.

52) If Found

This is a fun interactive fiction game based on the movie Groundhog Day. It has many different paths to explore, so each time you play, it will be a slightly different experience.

53) Unforeseen Incidents

This is a mystery game where you play as a journalist trying to uncover the truth about a dangerous conspiracy. The story changes every time you play it because it has lots of different endings.

54) Knights And Bikes

In this game, you and a friend explore a mysterious island by riding on bikes and solving puzzles. It’s meant to be played with two players, which makes it more fun as you work together to escape from dangerous creatures and complete quests that help uncover the secret of what happened to everyone who lived there.

55) Timbleweed Park

This game is a story-driven adventure where you solve puzzles to help the different characters escape from the strange town. The story has lots of twists and turns to be somewhat confusing, but there are lots of references to other games that fans will love.

56) Life Is Strange 1 & 2 This is an episodic game full of time travel and solving puzzles. It has a great story with lots of twists and fantastic characters that you can interact with.

57) Rainswept

This game isn’t very long, but it’s full of exciting puzzles to solve involving various logical concepts like how water interacts with different materials. It also has an emotional narrative where you learn about the main character’s past as they try to uncover dark secrets about people they used to know.

58) Jenny LeClue

Detective This game is full of mysteries to solve, including who killed your father and why trolls are attacking your school! The dialogue is snarky and fun because all the characters have strong personalities, making them unique compared to other games in this genre.

59) The Darkside Detective

This is a pixelated adventure game where you collect clues and talk to people to solve puzzles. It has great humor, interesting characters, and Easter eggs that reference other games like Pokemon.

60) Firewatch

This is an adventure game where you explore various locations while talking with your supervisor using your walkie-talkie. It has an emotional narrative where the main character is trying to deal with some personal struggles they’re going through, based on the game developer’s real life.

61) Artful Escape

This is a fun adventure game with a relaxed retro style you might like if you’re a fan of pixelated graphics. It has lots of puzzles to solve and mini-games, but the story is probably one of the unique parts about it because it’s set in a magical world where anything can happen.

62) Hoa

This game is about exploring three different worlds that are unique and interesting. Each one has its own story, so it can be confusing at first if you don’t know what’s going on, but the narrative is good enough, so you’ll want to keep playing until you understand what’s happening.

63) Sable

Sable is an open-world game where you control a young girl as she explores various locations. The environments aren’t very interactive, but it still has excellent graphics that make everything look beautiful. It also tells a powerful story with many emotions that will resonate with anyone who likes coming-of-age stories.

64) Deedlit In Wonder Labyrinth

This game isn’t very long, but it only costs around $3, so it’s worth getting if you’re on a budget! It has puzzle-solving to figure out where to go next and lots of mini-games that are fun, but the story is kind of confusing, so it’ll take some time to get everything sorted out.

65) Psychonauts 2

This game is being developed by Double Fine Productions and features the same style of humor you might love if you enjoy games like Skull Monkeys! The dialogue is snarky and full of allusions to movies, TV shows, books, etc., making it unique compared to other games with fewer references.

66) The Little Red Lie

This game isn’t very long, but it has an emotional narrative that will resonate with anyone who likes family dramas! The story has twists and turns as the main character tries to cope with their past and change things for the better, but it’ll take some time to get everything sorted out.

67) Narita Boy

Narita Boy is a 2D platformer that was inspired by other games in this genre. It’s not very long, but it still has a lot of fun challenges where you have to figure out how to solve puzzles to advance through each level. Some of them are tricky, so that it might take some patience, but eventually, you’ll succeed if you give it enough time.

68) Before Your Eyes

Before Your Eyes is an adventure game about telling a story from different perspectives. There aren’t any puzzles to solve, but you’ll have to think about the timeline to understand what’s going on. The story is exciting and has unique twists that add depth, so it’s something you might like if you’re looking for a mystery.

69) I Am Dead

I Am Dead is a platformer whose goal is to escape from Hell by figuring out various puzzles. It only has 27 levels, so it isn’t very long, and there aren’t any side quests or extra things to do, but there are some secrets hidden in each level which makes exploring fun even though the mechanics are kind of basic.

70) Metroid Dread

This game isn’t technically released yet because Nintendo still needs to wrap up development. Still, everyone who plays video games should know about Metroid because it influences the industry! The gameplay doesn’t look anything like it since this entry is 2D instead of 3D, but it has some interesting new features that might make people want to play.

71) Button City

This is a multiplayer game where four people can play at once, and it’s a puzzle adventure with a story that starts fun but gets very serious by the end! The quality of the animation is excellent, so you’ll have no problem watching it during each cutscene, and the voice acting makes everything sound good.

72) Olija

Olija is an adventure game with a unique art style that looks like it came from a children’s book. There isn’t much of a story, but the goal is to progress through each level and reach the end of several stages, which is hard at first but gets easier as you figure out new solutions using hints hidden in some levels.

73) Ann

After discovering a new secret room, Ann, an art student, is caught in the school when breaking one of its laws. The gameplay is straightforward, as all you have to do is tap around to find items used to escape each room. There’s not much of a story, but the dialogue between the students makes it interesting enough to keep playing.


This game is about an explorer named Ro and a goal she has to achieve. The dialogue changes when you reach each stage, making it fun because you’ll explore several different things that happen as you play! It has some of the same mechanics as Zelda, where there are puzzles to solve and challenging bosses to defeat, but it’s short enough that you can complete it in one sitting if possible.

75) Ori And The Will Of The Wisps

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps is an adventure game that’s set in a beautiful forest. There are plenty of items to find and new areas to explore, but the combat system is complex because there aren’t any instructions on how to do it properly. If you like action games, then this one might be fun, but otherwise, I’d recommend playing something else.

76) Life Is Strange: True Colors

This game gives you the option to play as Max, who is shy and quiet, or Chloe, who is rebellious. Like most adventure games, there aren’t many action scenes, but it has excellent voice acting that makes up for it! You’ll explore various places like Blackwell Academy, where students learn things that will help them in the future.

77) Deep Enigma

Deep Enigma is an exploration game with no text, so everything is based on symbols instead of words! It’s unique in this sense because there are no hints about what it means, so players have to keep track of every symbol they see and guess its significance. This game will take some time to beat, so if you’re looking for something short, I’d recommend playing another game.

78) RiME

This game is about an explorer named Enu who must escape a dangerous island while uncovering the truth behind its existence! The art style is fantastic because it’s very detailed and looks almost like a painting at specific points in the game, which makes me excited to see more indie games with this kind of attention to detail! If you’re looking for something different from the usual adventure games, I will play this one.

79) Lost At Sea

This game has excellent artwork, so exploring feels fantastic no matter which area you go through first, but some minor bugs can prevent you from achieving your goal. It takes place on a boat where explorers are looking for things they need to survive out in the ocean, so if you like this kind of premise, I’d recommend playing it.

80) MArchen Forest

This game is about an explorer named West who goes on an adventure to find his missing child after being separated from him! Exploring each area becomes more difficult as you progress through the game, but that just makes it even more fun because I love puzzles games that challenge my mind! It might not be worth playing if you don’t like these kinds of games, though.

81) Embracelet

This game is based on a unique story where people are trying to make their dreams come true by using unique bracelets given to them by someone who shouldn’t exist! It’s very short, which isn’t surprising considering it was made for an event, but I still enjoyed playing it because the idea of creating your dream felt empowering! Some minor bugs don’t need to be fixed unless you’re looking for a challenge.

82) Tell Me Why

This game is about two explorers named Tom and Lily trying to find each other after exploring their respective planets separately. There isn’t much action, so this game feels more like a slice-of-life adventure where exploring is similar to watching people navigate everyday situations. It’s short at first but becomes more difficult as you progress through the story if you want to see every ending, so I’d recommend watching videos on YouTube instead of playing this one.

83) Genesis Noir

This game takes place in a world where people try to play their way out of depression instead of putting effort into changing their negative mindset, which makes it feel more surreal compared to other games I’ve played. It’s very short, so most players shouldn’t have any problems beating it within an hour or two, but if you’re looking for something that will inspire you to change your life, I’d recommend playing another game with a more substantial impact.

84) Lake

I didn’t enjoy this game as much as other players because the concept of searching for memories lost in a lake felt boring and empty. Players would only see each memory once, so there isn’t much reason to keep track of them, which makes it a boring game because there isn’t much motivation for the player. I think it’s only worth playing if you’re looking for a concise experience that will barely take up any of your time.

85) Twelve Minutes

This game is about a small space that the player tries to fill with memories from their everyday life by exploring what they can find in their house. It takes over twelve minutes, and the pacing makes it feel like you’re watching someone move through their own home, which made me appreciate how natural everything felt while I was playing this game! If you’re looking for a short experience that feels realistic, I’d recommend playing this one.

86) Blaster Master Zero III

This game is a problematic action-adventure RPG! Its challenging combat system makes it feel more like an old-school NES title, which might not be enjoyable to everyone because the player has to get used to relearning how to play games that follow different rules from ones they’re familiar with. I’d recommend watching videos on YouTube if you think this sounds interesting because trying to learn the controls while playing simultaneously can make it confusing for some players!

87) The Lost Robot – Jigsaw Puzzle Stories

This is a cute jigsaw puzzle game where the player tries to complete challenges by figuring out which pieces they need to use! I didn’t enjoy playing this as much as other fans because it felt too easy and not worth buying since you could easily play something like Witch Spring 2 or Rinse and Repeat instead if you wanted a similar experience.

88) Night Reverie

This game is a point-and-click adventure where exploring a few buildings in a small town becomes more difficult as you progress each story. It’s incredibly short, so it might not be worth playing if you’re looking for something that takes up a lot of time. I think the game is only worth it if you don’t have anything else to play!

89) Teacup

This game is about trying to escape from being stuck in your head by remembering how fun times with friends can be during childhood. It’s very short, so most players should beat it within an hour or two, but I recommend watching videos on YouTube instead of playing this game because there isn’t much point to playing it otherwise.

90) Deserted

If you’ve ever tried creating or modifying 3D models before, this game will feel like every other creation tool out there because the controls are the same. I didn’t enjoy this game because there’s no reason for the player to explore every area in a short amount of time, which makes it feel like nothing is happening. After all, you’re not discovering anything new while playing.

91) Forgotten Spirits

This game was challenging! The controls feel strict and limited, so I’d recommend watching videos on YouTube if you think this sounds inter, bebut be warned that it takes around 3 hours to beat. It felt like most players would struggle with getting used to all of the mechanics at once, so I don’t think it’s worth trying unless you want an experience that will challenge your patience with video games.

92) Spellthief Erinn

This game is about exploring a forest side-scrolling, which means you have to be patient. It’s a concise experience, so I recommend watching videos on YouTube instead of playing them because the player is only rewarded once for exploring everything in an area.

93) World’s End Club

This game has been described as being similar to Night In The Woods because its story focuses on what happens after college, but it doesn’t involve any exploration. This game focuses on finding something to distract the main character while they’re trying to get out of their apartment, which made me feel like there wasn’t much point in playing this game if you’re not into that kind of thing.

94) Weaving Tides

This game is about finding a way out of an underwater city by finding orbs to open doors. I didn’t enjoy this because the controls are incredibly sluggish, so don’t expect to have fun unless you’re motivated.

95) Legends Of Ethernal

This game is about traveling through different worlds, solving puzzles along the way that involves trying to kill enemies by forcing them into traps or closed spaces where they can’t escape. It’s very short and easy if you know what you’re doing, but figuring out how some mechanics work can be complex without help from the developer or other players.

96) Where The Snow Settles

This game takes forever for anything interesting to happen, which makes me recommend watching videos on YouTube instead.

97) Welcome To Elk

This game is about solving a mystery by figuring out who might have been behind it, but there wasn’t enough content in the free demo to determine what this game is worth. I’d recommend watching videos on YouTube if you want to know more before buying the full version of this game.

98) Existensis

I didn’t enjoy this experience because monsters respawn even after the player has killed them, which means players won’t feel like they’re getting a break from fighting them even if they try going away from a particular area for ten or fifteen minutes. The controls are frustrating and restricted, so I don’t think playing this game will be worth your time unless you want a challenge.

99) Mayhem In Single Valley

This game is about trying to upgrade your character by killing enemies and completing quests, which I don’t recommend doing unless you’re motivated because there’s no point in playing this for more than an hour or two! It starts fun but quickly becomes repetitive as the player tries to switch up their tactics because nothing feels rewarding anymore.

100) Sea Of Solitude: The Director’s Cut

I didn’t enjoy this experience because it was tough for me to control how my character jumped around, so I would have missed a lot of things if I wasn’t watching videos on YouTube at the same time or talking with someone who had played it before. This isn’t exactly a flaw but something worth mentioning since it caused me not to enjoy the experience as much. Overall, Sea Of Solitude: The Director’s Cut is only recommended if you’re looking for a challenge.

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