FNF or Friday Night

FNF or Friday Night

It is very easy to download the FNF from the link, but it is quite difficult to complete it. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and first figure out what this game is. FNF games, which include not only its classic version, but also various modifications, will appeal to all music lovers.

It is enough to have a good sense of rhythm to successfully complete the game and brag about this achievement to everyone you meet. Fun Friday Night – this is how FNF is usually called in narrow circles, appeared in 2020 and is still in the top games to this day. Most likely, it’s all about the simplicity of this work.

Here you don’t need to think about what move to make in order to successfully complete the quest. The only thing you need to do is follow the moving arrows and press the appropriate buttons at the right time. Now let’s talk about everything in order.

Plot and main characters

Plot and main characters

The game Friday Night Funkin has a plot, although it is very simple and uncomplicated, but there is one. The player will control a guy named Boyfriend. He is the main character, and also an excellent singer. One day the boy met a beautiful girl named Girlfriend, but he could not win her affection.

To do this, I had to include not only charisma, but also a sense of rhythm. In addition, the girl’s father is also against their relationship, and therefore, in order to still get the beauty’s hand and heart, she will have to fight her Dad in a musical duel.

Even if you win, you shouldn’t relax, because after the first enemy, the girl’s Mom will go into battle, followed by other antagonists. They all want to prove that they can sing much better than Boyfriend, and the user’s task is to prevent this from happening.

Mods and changes in FNF

Mods and changes in FNF

With the advent of mods for the FNF game, the plot has become more voluminous and is now full of different characters, often borrowed from other projects. So, for example, if you play mods online, you can easily stumble upon Sonic, SpongeBob, Among Ace, Tank Man, Scooby-Doo and others.

Of course, the antagonists come to FNF with their own tracks, to which the battle will take place. The levels in the game are called weeks, and each level has several songs that Boyfriend and his opponents will have to sing.

In addition, it is worth noting the presence of hardcore levels, which are distinguished by their impassability. It is recommended to sit through the initial stages and practice properly before taking them on.

Victory will be in your pocket

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In order to defeat all opponents and complete the FNF, it is enough to remember a few simple rules. The most important thing is attentiveness. You need to be careful not to miss any of the moving arrows. At the moment when they coincide with their translucent counterparts, you need to click on the corresponding buttons.

If everything is done correctly, then several points will fall into Boyfriend’s piggy bank. To win, you need to accumulate as many rating points as possible, and most importantly, hold out until the end of the song. Mods sometimes add new mechanics that make the passage even more difficult. For example, sometimes there will be not four icons on the screen, as is usually the case, but five.

If there is a diamond or other shape between the arrows, then you need to be ready to press the space bar. This is usually required when an exclamation mark appears above the main character’s head.

This is due to the unworthy behavior of some participants in the musical battle, who cannot win fairly and resort to dirty methods, trying to knock Boyfriend out of the competition. You just need to remember that the main task is to win the affection of your beloved. Strive for this and then all opponents will seem weak musically.