Far Cry 6 Respawn Autosave Bug Keeps Killing Players

A soldier drives a convertible and tosses a grenade at a tank in Far Cry 6.

Screenshot: Ubisoft

Arkane’s the latest and perfectly-regarded immersive sim isn’t the only demise loop of the tumble. Thanks to a unusual autosave bug in Far Cry 6 that spawns players milliseconds right before a death, some players have discovered themselves caught in an unbreakable comments loop, with no apparent way to crack the cycle.

Significantly Cry 6, out last week for PlayStation, Xbox, and Pc, is the newest in Ubisoft’s prolonged-running sequence of open-entire world shooters. Established on a fictional island country in the Caribbean, you shell out your time accomplishing things you have done in previous Far Cry game titles: capturing bases, shooting badly dressed baddies, and driving vehicles that must’ve been worked on by the automotive shop in John Wick. Notably, Much Cry 6 doesn’t allow for a handbook help save, a divergence from the prior mainline entry, 2018’s Significantly Cry 5. This has screwed some players, building a conserve file in the blink-and-you will-pass up-it instant right before a loss of life.

“A bug has wiped my whole marketing campaign for the reason that just about every time I load the 1 doable help you save, my character falls three toes to the ground and dies. lmao,” Alice Caldwell-Kelly, co-host of the Trashfuture podcast, claimed on Twitter. Video clips on Reddit demonstrate a very similar destiny. One, in which a participant spawns a handful of toes off the ground only to land and then right away die, laments the loss of “20 several hours of gameplay down the drain.” One more, exhibiting essentially the similar specific matter, highlights the “DEATHLOOOOOOOOOP!!!”

There is no effortless way out. Striving to use the game’s “reload very last autosave” option—found in the method menu—may audio like a correct, but it boots up your most recent autosave, not your 2nd-most recent just one (as “last” could indicate). Rapid-traveling to any bases, hideouts, or checkpoints you have unlocked will certainly create a new autosave file, but Far Cry 6 does not enable you speedy-travel when you’re bleeding out. Rather, you are trapped there, gray monitor

When attained for remark, a representative for Ubisoft instructed Kotaku, “The dev crew is looking into the situation for a long-lasting correct. In the meantime, gamers can have an individual be part of them in co-op.”


The insistence on autosave will make a specific volume of feeling. Considerably Cry, as a collection, thrives with chaos and unpredictability. By eliminating the selection to manually create conserve information, Much Cry 6 forces players to stay with their mistakes. It is a related layout preference fundamental Returnal, the PS5-exclusive roguelike that built waves before this tumble. If players could make will save every time they desired, they could preserve-scum their way past the game’s inherent issue hurdles. Even Deathloop’s deficiency of manual saves has irked some players. Considering the fact that the autosave triggers infrequently, it’s efficiently unachievable to engage in Deathloop in chunk-sized sessions.

For online games that place the “play your way” mentality on a pedestal, relying exclusively on the autosave definitely appears to get in the way.


Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:56:41.