Do AirPods Cause Headaches? (Answered)

Tunes is normally related with emotion fantastic. So why does listening to some music with Apple AirPods give you problems? A couple of theories exist for the cause of this distressing difficulty.

Though AirPods can induce complications, it is typical for any form of headphones to trigger a headache when placing the earbuds much too deep into the ear, taking part in songs far too loud, or putting on headphones for too extended.

In accordance to clinical specialists, AirPods and most other headphones can induce head aches when they are put improperly into the ear. If incorrectly fitted AirPods are positioned in the ear for also long, a headache can arise.

That being said, we must also get into account the EMF radiation emitted by the gadgets. These could possibly cause slight and short term side-effects to people.


Popular Side Results Of Carrying AirPods

Wireless units like Apple AirPods use Bluetooth frequencies to transmit info, which can perhaps have slight well being-associated facet outcomes. AirPods use Bluetooth 4 know-how, which is recognized to emit (non-ionizing) radiofrequency radiation in between 2.4 and 2.485 GHz.

With normal use, consumers may possibly working experience the adhering to common side consequences from utilizing AirPods for extended intervals of time:

  • Head aches: Prompted by sensitivity to radiofrequency waves or incorrectly carrying the AirPods in the ears.
  • Tinnitus: Refers to listening to nonexistent noises, these types of as ringing, buzzing, hissing, or whistling. Employing far too high a volume on loud songs can also bring about this persistent overall health trouble.
  • Sleeplessness: And other snooze-associated challenges like waking up normally. Specifically when utilizing AirPods in bed while sleeping.
  • Irritability: Brushing AirPods can be irritating to the skin, and making use of the units near their ears can result in a burning sensation for some folks.
  • Nausea: Unusual circumstances of nausea are reported, normally as a outcome of dizziness and disorientation just after using AirPods for prolonged intervals of time.


Is Carrying AirPods Unsafe?

There is no proof that the Bluetooth radiation emitted by AirPods is destructive to humans. In accordance to the Food items and Drug Administration (Fda), exposure to the kind of Bluetooth radiation utilized by AirPods is “frequently perceived as harmless to individuals”.

Any of the aforementioned overall health-connected facet outcomes really should be short term in mother nature. Some customers are more delicate to EMF radiation than some others. Even so, there are more elements at play that can change the severity of possible aspect outcomes:

  • How deep and organization the AirPods are placed in the ear canal
  • For how prolonged the AirPods are utilised in a solitary session
  • The basic overall health and effectively-getting of the man or woman using the AirPods
  • Environmental conditions these as temperature, humidity, or air pressure.


Some researchers have instructed that placing Bluetooth gadgets deep inside of the ear canal can maximize the possibility of most cancers. According to the International Company for Study on Cancer (IARC), non-ionizing EMFs in the radiofrequency variety are labeled as a attainable human carcinogen.

The IARC, component of the Earth Health and fitness Corporation (WHO), mentions cellphones, tablets, and wireless sensible units (these as AirPods) as achievable contributors. In distinct, working with these types of gadgets could add to glioma, a malignant sort of mind most cancers.

Nonetheless, the scientific consensus now is that there is no conclusive proof for this declare, so we cannot say this is correct.


Making use of AirPods Safely and securely: Ideal Tactics

To minimize your exposure to unsafe aspect results from AirPods and stay clear of overall health problems like complications, customers need to look at the following greatest practices:

  • Do not location far too deep: Firmly putting the earbuds into your ear canal can instantly lead to problems, it is recommended to easily and loosely put the buds in the ear. You may want to contemplate the upside-down put on method if that functions greater for you.
  • Cut down exposure time: When you invest considerably less time with AirPods in your ears, the potential headaches brought about by the wireless Apple headphones are going to diminish. It’s quite easy, but it is effective.
  • Use only a single AirPod: If you do want to use those people AirPods, it might assist to only location a single AirPod in (if possible alternating sides of) your ears. Mix this system with the lessened exposure time.
  • Unplug and unwind: Get a working day off from electric power wholly if you’re delicate to EMF radiation from digital gadgets. You really do not require to plaster your partitions with aluminum foil, but going out in nature with your cellphone turned off for a while doesn’t damage. Just make positive persons know where by you are.


How To Speedily Get Rid Of An Headache

In case you are currently enduring a headache from working with your Apple AirPods at this very second, all these preventive recommendations aren’t heading to assist you. To release your discomfort, you might want to take into consideration the next realistic information:

  • Use a popular painkiller: An aspirin or paracetamol will get rid of some of the immediate pain. Just take the painkiller with a glass of water. These should commence functioning within just 30 minutes, but don’t forget to read through the safety info 1st.
  • Get a fast nap: Sleeping is suggested to assistance towards a headache for the greater part of people, a swift afternoon nap or siesta will count too. But really don’t listen to your AirPods though undertaking it.
  • Get a heat shower: Warm showers gain the blood stream in the entire body and will decrease rigidity on the nerves in your head. Once again, don’t take your AirPods with you in the bathroom as it is unsafe.
  • Get a head massage: Gently rub the temples on both sides of your head with two fingers. Use a circular movement. Alternatively, ask a person to give you a head and neck massage to minimize rigidity in your overall body.
  • Get some fresh new air: A stroll in character could possibly be a person of the most effective items to do to in opposition to problems. Not only does it promptly distract from the discomfort, it will also improve your oxygen ingestion, get your muscles moving, and hence relieve any present headache tensions.


The following time you are preparing on making use of people AirPods, try to remember that the wired variants might be greater for you. Specially for hypersensitive individuals prone to problems, this could be a lifesaver. If you want to hear to some songs, you can generally use an aged-fashioned radio as very well!

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:56:41.