Crysis Remastered Trilogy Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Crysis Remastered Trilogy features:&#13
Crysis Remastered:&#13
What commences as a easy rescue mission results in being the battleground of a new war as alien invaders swarm over a chain of North Korean islands. Actively playing as super-soldier Prophet, you are armed with a potent Nanosuit geared up with Speed, Power, Armor, and Cloaking qualities. Use a extensive arsenal of modular weaponry and adapt your practices and equipment to dominate enemies in an monumental sandbox globe.&#13
Crysis 2 Remastered:&#13
Aliens have returned to a world ravaged by climate disasters. As the invaders lay waste to New York and commence an assault that threatens the complete annihilation of humankind, only you have the technological know-how to direct the fightback. Outfitted with the upgraded Nanosuit 2., customize your suit and weapons in genuine-time and unlock impressive new qualities in the struggle for humanity’s survival. &#13
Crysis 3 Remastered:&#13
Returning to the struggle as tremendous-soldier Prophet, the lookup for the alien Alpha Ceph continues, but now you will have to also expose the fact powering the C.E.L.L. corporation, which has turned New York Metropolis into a sprawling urban rainforest sheltered by a huge nanodome. Fight by seven distinct districts and decimate your opponents in a blaze of brute power employing the Nanosuit’s outstanding technologies, or use stealth to obtain your plans and become humanity’s silent savior. Equipped with your highly effective and fatal new Predator Bow, you can find no mistaken way to conserve the world. &#13