How to Complete Rogier’s Quest in Elden Ring

In the cruel world of George Martin, it’s nice to meet a polite character who will not try to kill the hero or even harm him. In the Elden Ring, such an NPC is called Rogier, he can be found in Storm Veil Castle before the fight with Godric. Most likely, the first meeting with him will take place before the fight with Margit, where you can call him through the inscription on the floor. Later it can be found in the library in the castle.

Rogier’s quest is not required to complete the storyline, but it can be completed for the sake of studying the lore. As he progresses, he will talk about the night of the Black Knives, when the mercenaries sent by Ranni killed Marika’s firstborn. Also in the quest, you can learn more about the goals of the mysterious Fia and start Ranni’s quest by breaking in on his feet (that is, with murder charges).

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To continue Rogier’s quest, after defeating Godric, return to the Elevator Room grace.

Go outside, and turn right to the body where the loot is glowing. There is a cliff there, and if you carefully jump off, the road will lead to a secret location.

Below are small rats, a big one, a scarab beetle, and a tree spirit boss. In the background is a blurred face that looks like an alien. Next to him, you need to activate the bloodstain to see how Rogier was injured by the roots of death.

The wounded Rogier will move to the Fortress of Lost Grace on the balcony. You can talk to him about a strange face, and he will tell you that this is the face of Godwyn, the murdered demigod, the first son of Queen Marika. Also, Rogier will give away his rapier sharpened to +8, because due to an injury, he will never be able to fight again.

After talking with him, you need to talk with Fia, who is sitting in the same fortress. She will give a hint about where to look for details about the Night.

The hint will lead to the Black Knife catacombs, which are located near the small tree of Erd in Lake Liurnia.

This is a difficult location with two bosses. One is needed for the quest, but the second can be killed for the Death Root, which can later be given to Gurranq. The catacombs are inhabited by endlessly resurrecting skeletons. Don’t waste your time on them, kill these lanky necromancers right away so that their skeletons die with them. But not all skeletons in this location have necromancers. Ordinary skeletons are killed by a blow after being resurrected.

In a room with three blades flying up to the ceiling, you need to stand on the central one, climb higher and jump to the “second floor”. There is a skeleton there, so you should not go there with low health.

At the end of the second floor, there is a large secret wall that will open the passage to the boss – the assassin of the Black Knives. This is the boss needed for the quest, you can skip the catacombs further. But if you really want to, then jump into this passage, guarded by a skeleton.

Activate both levers and quickly run towards the stairs if you don’t want to fight the crab in the narrow room.

This lever opens the door to the graveyard shadow boss. A very funny boss – he can be annoying if played alone, but with the summoned spirits, defeating him is easy.

Rogier will be very surprised when he sees the mark of the Black Knife. Give it to research and talk to Fiya, she will praise the Extinguished One. After that, you need to reload the location with grace and talk to Rogier again. The sorcerer will finally find out who was behind the assassins of the Black Knives, the sorceress Ranni.

He will explain where the undead in the Interearth came from. The theft of the Death Rune has corrupted the rules of the Golden Order that govern everything in this world, and the inhabitants of the Interearth have ceased to die. This is not as good as it seems, instead of resting, after death, they roam among the living. D, a hunter from the fortress, believes that they should be exterminated. Rogier does not support his comrade’s point of view, he believes that they can be saved because these souls are not guilty of violating the rules of the Order. And to save him, he needs the second part of the mark, which is on Rennie’s body. Therefore, he will ask the Extinguished One to go to Caria Manor and talk to Ranni, who lives in a tower outside the castle.

On the way to it, you will have to fight the knight boss and the dragon (he will fly away in the middle of the battle). Instead of greeting Ranni, you can lay out the truth, accuse the instigator of the Black Knives Night of a crime and demand to share information.

But she will not be afraid of the impudence of the Extinguished One and will drive him away. Talk to Rogier again, he will offer to enter Ranni’s service in order to find out where her mortal body has gone. And this time, the sorceress will reveal a very secret plan of the conspirators.

Despite this, Ranni will let the Extinguished One serve her. This will activate her quest chain.

Rogier’s body ceases to obey him, and soon he will fall into a deep sleep. After that, kill any boss, return to the fortress and take from his body a bell sphere with three ashes of war, his set of armor and the last note for the main character. It says that D has a younger brother who lives near the aqueduct in the eternal city of Nokron.

This completes Rogier’s quest. Too bad he never lived to see Rennie allow the Extinguished One to look at her mortal body.