Call Of Duty: Vanguard best SMG

Want to know the best SMG in Call Of Responsibility: Vanguard? SMGs are typically witnessed as the greatest weapon class in Connect with Of Obligation. They fireplace rapidly and can aid you rack up brief kills. They are frequently the core of a solid FPS loadout, but with 6 SMGs to choose from in Vanguard, you will require to know which is very best.

This manual will go over the finest SMG in Contact Of Duty: Vanguard, and give a tier record for every single SMG obtainable. The meta is going to improve fast around the study course of Vanguard’s lifetime, so anticipate this manual to be current with all of the most up-to-date facts when tweaks are created.

Finest SMG in Simply call Of Obligation: Vanguard

The best SMG in Simply call Of Responsibility: Vanguard is the MP40. Truly, it is a person of the ideal guns in the entire activity. It boasts a superior price of hearth and an impressively fast time-to-destroy that just cannot be matched by any other weapon. It is strong, speedy, and just simple fantastic. Oh, and which is without having any attachments. You can see our SMG tier record listed here and then browse on under to locate out additional about each weapon.

Here is our Phone Of Obligation: Vanguard SMG tier checklist:

  • MP40
  • PPSH-41
  • Sort 100
  • Owen Gun
  • M1928
  • Sten

MP40 weapon preview against black background in Call Of Duty: Vanguard

MP40 – Best SMG

I don’t feel I even have the terms to specific how fantastic the MP40 is. There have been plenty of unstoppable guns in Contact Of Responsibility background, and the MP40 completely warrants a place on that record. It is at this time dominating the Vanguard meta with an amazingly quick time-to-get rid of and nominal recoil.

With the suitable attachments, you can maximize your bullet velocity and reload pace to assure that you are usually completely ready for a combat. If you use the MP40, you can be assured heading into most scenarios.

PPSH-41 weapon preview against black background in Call Of Duty: Vanguard


At initially, the PPSH-41 is tricky to handle. A great deal like the Volk on our very best Assault Rifles checklist, the PPSH is exceptionally rapid, which gives it a shocking total of recoil. However, with sure attachments that prioritise recoil management, accuracy, and bullet velocity, the PPSH is transformed into 1 of the finest SMGs now offered in Vanguard.

Type 100 weapon preview against black background in Call Of Duty: Vanguard

Form 100

The Variety 100 is an additional fantastic SMG, powerful in quick-medium assortment fights. Although it could possibly offer significantly less problems than other SMGs, its accuracy makes certain that you can land a great deal of headshots and shred via enemies simply.

With a few attachments to raise the precision even more, together with a slight improvement to magazine measurement, the Style 100 is a formidable SMG which is equipped to stand alongside the PPSH and MP40.

Owen Gun weapon preview against black background in Call Of Duty: Vanguard

Owen Gun

The Owen Gun is a peculiar SMG. It has a significantly reduce price of hearth than other SMGs, but this can make it far more precise. Paired with an extraordinary hurt assortment, the Owen Gun unusually excels in long-assortment fights in which no other SMG does. You will be speedily outmatched at shut-assortment, but if you’re seeking for an SMG that is productive at a length, then decide for the Owen Gun. Nonetheless, it’s most likely far better to just use an Assault Rifle rather.

M1928 weapon preview against black background in Call Of Duty: Vanguard


If you want to really feel like a member of the mafia, then hear up. The M1928 is the resident Tommy gun in Connect with Of Obligation: Vanguard, and its substantial level of fireplace and journal size make it definitely shred by way of enemy groups at near vary.

Having said that, the recoil and injury selection make it a inadequate preference in medium-prolonged assortment firefights. Even though the recoil can be controlled with some attachments, the helpful injury array is nevertheless much too small, producing the M1928 practical in only a several decide on situations. If you’re pressured into a medium-vary come across, the M1928 will be outmatched by most other SMGs and Assault Rifles.

Sten weapon preview against black background in Call Of Duty: Vanguard


The Sten is the worst SMG in Phone Of Obligation: Vanguard. With a stark total of recoil, this SMG is only powerful at small variety, and even then you will struggle to land every single shot. You can kit it out with some attachments to increase the recoil control, but these make the time-to-get rid of pretty sluggish, so the conclusion outcome is continue to relatively inadequate. There is quite little that can be finished to save the Sten, so we recommend keeping away from it altogether in its latest state.

That handles the best SMG in Phone Of Responsibility: Vanguard. Check out back on a regular basis as hotfixes and patches are deployed, as there will be a good deal of tweaks made to this list. We are going to make confident to also maintain this checklist up-to-date with any new SMGs that appear to Phone Of Responsibility: Vanguard, so be absolutely sure to examine again each year.