Biggest Prize Pools in Gaming World

While most people still consider video games as pure entertainment, some titles require highly advanced skills and lots of experience. Therefore, it is not a surprise that there are many professional tournaments, and you might be surprised with the fact that the pool prizes can be measures with standard most popular sports.

Another interesting fact is that video games might become a part of next Olympics. This new virtual sport is very popular among younger generations. You can find a lot of streamers who are showing their skills, and millions of people are watching them. These events have a similar form as traditional sports, and you will be guided by the commentator as well.

Another feature that makes them similar to regular sports events is that you can bet on eSports. Before you start with betting, it is important to learn more about available games, rules, and best teams. If you are interested in this option, check out

There are some legendary games that are still very popular, and experienced players can earn millions on big tournaments. Here are the games with the highest prize pools on the gaming world.

Counter Strike


We will start with one of the most legendary titles ever. This game has a traditional longer than two decades. When it comes to big tournaments, things rapidly started to change in the last five years with the expansion of online platforms like Twitch and more people being interested in watching others while playing.

The interesting fact about this game is that there are older generations who also prefer watching teams while competing for high prizes. The current record for the prize pool for CS is over $20 million. We also expect that the prizes will become even higher in the future.

Dota 2


This is another legend with long tradition. It started as a simple map in Frozen Throne and managed to define a whole genre called MOBA. There are some other more recent titles that are part of this genre. Also, we have to mention that this is the most valuable game in the eSports community.

It is perfect for tournaments since you need to gather a team of five players, and each one should have a specific role, which is not so difficult with five people. Therefore, it is not a surprise that this game holds the record with the prize pool of nearly $50 million.



This game lead to revolution in mobile gambling community. Many people were not so interested in playing shooting games on phones since it appears to be much more difficult.

However, the developers of this game managed to add some special features that made it interesting.

Besides the mobile device, you can play it on PC and consoles as well, which is still a much better solution because you can be more accurate and have better performances. On the other side, there are gadgets for phones that you can use to improve the skills.

Even though the value of prizes on biggest tournaments is not as high as it is for DOTA and Counter Strike, the fact that it reached the amount of over $15 is quite amazing.

Arena of Valor


This game was inspired by DOTA, but the main difference is that you don’t need to focus on building levels and special features along with specific items, but only on pure skills. The game is quite intense and each character possess and special set of skills. The most recent big tournament provided over $12 for best players.



There are many similarities with PUBG, and it also started as a battle royal game for smartphones. However, the huge popularity led the developers to make it available as a cross-platform game. What makes it unique is that even though you have to gather all kinds of weapons across the limited map, there are some unique special features that are very interesting to viewers. The current prize record is around $10 million.



This game was inspired by Dota 2. There are many similarities, and many people consider it as a copy of another title. However, they managed to improve many things and bring the genre to a whole new level. It was especially popular in the first few years after release, but it manages to keep a lot of loyal followers to this day as well, which leads to the total amount of prizes on biggest tournament to be over $7 million.

What To Expect in the Future?

The answer is very simple, and that it that eSports will become even more popular. The best example, of that could be seen during the pandemic where a lot of people who never watched these events before suddenly become more interested, especially in betting.

Also, there is a rapid development of new technologies and hardware that are allowing developers to create more realistic games with amazing gameplay and graphics. That will make streaming even more popular as well.

Also, if you don’t have a good team of people but you consider yourself as an excellent player, the best solution for you is to create a profile on Twitch and start a YT channel were you can share your games all the time. Therefore, someone might notice you and call to become a part of some professional team.

On the other side, these streams are attracting millions of people every day, and that can provide you with an option to get a sponsorship of some popular brands in gaming community like developers, companies that are producing hardware, and more.

Last Words

People who are not so into watching video game events might be surprised, but this category is getting more and more popular, and younger generations consider it as a regular sport because most popular games requires advanced skills, focus, and years of experience to win a big tournament.

There are even TV channels where you can watch the performances of best players in the world. In that matter, if you are good in playing games, this might be your new profession.