Best Controller for Minecraft PC

Most people say playing Minecraft on PC should be done with good old keyboard and mouse but I do understand some other people just enjoy playing with controller when in a PC, as they do with consoles. Also, I did hear once my little nephew say he had problems reaching all the keys in the keyboard when playing, so yeah, there is cases where I see how playing Minecraft with controller is better.So, regardless of what the reason is for you or someone you know to want to start playing with a controller we did our homework and started researching the best controllers for Minecraft PC.

Our top choice is the Elite Series 2 Controller by Microsoft, this one is the controller I usually use to play in PC but all the controllers we listed here are all great and they are not just good for Minecraft but pretty much for any other game in PC.

Top 10 Best Controller for Minecraft PC

Keep in mind we didn’t actually get to try any of the options to exactly play with them in PC, all of us when playing in PC we usually just use the best keyboards and best mouse we can find. BUT, we also have plenty experience console games. So, we understand a thing or two about what you will need to get the best out of a controller when playing in Minecraft in your PC.

Natively Minecraft in PC doesn’t support controllers but there is other ways to make it work, we actually have a tutorial on how to connect a controller to Minecratf PC in case you need a little help with that.

Without further ado, let me show you what we consider to be the top 10 controller for playing Minecraft in PC.

1. Elite Series 2 Controller

My first recommendation is the Elite Series 2 Controller by Microsoft. To be honest, this is my go to for any controller when playing in PC and according to my research, it should work great with Minecraft too. Yes, I am a little biased about this one because it is my favorite, but truth is if it wasn’t good I would have tried other controllers already.

Also, Microsoft gaming products are always reliable. The company proves itself to be dominating any market it pleases to. Our research has focused not on its hype but on the quality, it provides. Safe to say, it serves as a great choice for some long weekend gaming.

The controller is designed for optimized performance and durable life. The controller comprises of Adjustable thumb sticks, rubberized grip, and trigger locks. For the intense Fortnight gamer or the best PUBG experience, the controller comes with customizable 3 different profiles of gaming with interchangeable button mapping to enhance the user experience.

The controller compatibility is for PC and the company’s signature console Xbox. It also includes the elite battery, tested by Microsoft, and reported to be up to 40 hours rechargeable, fulfilling the long weekend gameplay promise. However, the durability depends on the number of accessories enabled and used.

Users have reported it to be a bigger improvement over its previous versions as it regularly receives necessary firmware updates and software fixes for future compatibility and extended usage.


  • Durable Battery Life for intense long weekend of gaming
  • 3 customizable profile setups for different sets of gaming
  • Comfortable shape and layout with perfected rubberized grip


  • Sticky Buttons reported after months of usage.
  • D-pad has been reported to be making plasticky sound after excessive usage

2. Be 1 Wired Gaming Controller

Second best option is the Be1 Wired Gaming Controller. Be1 has been consistent in putting out successful models which are peer reviewed as “functional and pocket-friendly”. If you are looking to get a controller for a little kid or you just want to test first your experience playing Minecraft with a controller, then you should get this one. It is cheap, works great and if you end up not liking how the game is with a controller, then you won’t end up wasting too much money.

This controller is accented by its non-slip texture rubber grips with greater compatibility (PC and Mobile Phones, provided the phone supports all OTG Functions and the user buys OTG cable separately). The adjustable neon light over the controller fits perfectly for bright and dark environments. The shape and layout provide comfort and delightful feel to the gaming experience.

The Wired controller reliefs the hassle of charging batteries but also limits the experience to a certain extent. However, if the user is comfortable in staying closer to the screen instead of freely kicking back, then the gaming experience persists. The dual vibration feature really instills the punch, kick, driving or shoot experience as a personal one and options of toggling them are provided.


  • Sleek and non-slipper design with good control
  • No hassle of battery draining
  • 6.5 ft cable for better distance from the screen
  • Pocket friendly


  • Minor Glitching during gameplay was reported
  • Internal defects in D-pad and stick reported after everyday usage

3. Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller

Our third recommendation for the best controller for Minecraft PC is the Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller. Why? Well, we know you might have or might get an Xbox soon, so why not getting a controller that can work in your PC and in your Xbox. If you already have an old one, then this is a perfect excuse to replace it.

Microsoft did not disappoint in putting out the best for the audience with this controller. This controller possesses greater connectivity, extensive compatibility, and elegant design. Connectivity can be up to 8 controllers at one time and compatible for PC, Xbox consoles and tablets that are running Windows 7,8 and 10 (Additional firmware installation is required for compatibility).

The buttons, analog sticks, and triggers have gotten comfortable and smoother, along with textured design for increased grip. The controller possesses a wireless dongle, which allows a gameplay with 8 controllers at once.

The dongle has been reported as an improved feature over the wired design, but some latency issues have surfaced with the wireless design option.

This design features a 66% shrinkage in size, giving it a comfortable grasp and better feel and includes wireless stereo sound support.


  • Bluetooth connectivity for 8 controllers in one go
  • Textured Grip with smaller size for greater comfort and control
  • Wider range in compatibility (Tablets, PC and Xbox Consoles)


  • Driver errors along with outdated firmware issues
  • Unexpected dysconnectivity in Bluetooth during gameplay was reported

4. VOYEE Wired Controller

If wired controllers are not a constraint, VOYEE has a great product to offer. VOYEE company vouches to be the global leaders in gaming accessories and with this controller, The VOYEE Wired Controller, they have taken a very big step in that direction. In VOYEE’s range of controllers, this controller gets a big plus from our side.

This controller is also one of the best controllers for Minecraft, it brings your gaming experience to the maximum level with its enhanced ergonomic design, improved control and feedback and perfected compatibility. This controller provides rumble control and immersed vibration feedback, with proclaimed 365-day guarantee for minor defects with 24/7 customer care support.

The X Y A B buttons really bring out the retro theme but does not bar the user from some modern gaming experiences with its compatibility for Xbox 360, Xbox Slim and PC. A true plug and play experience delivered as it requires no extra installation of any sorts on the PC. The 7.2 ft wire contributes perfectly to the distance from the screen and saves all the hassle from batteries.


  • Precision Wired Controller compatible with Windows and Xbox.
  • Improved ergonomic design with greater comfort and grip
  • 7.2 ft cable for greater distance between the screen and user


  • Sticky buttons and faulty thumb sticks were reported after moderate usage
  • Poor stick inputs caused a lot of irritation during gameplay

5. Logitech F310 Gamepad

If you prefer the retro styled controller design, have we got the best choice for you for the best controllers for Minecraft. Logitech has been successful in putting out optimized solutions at a market competitive standard and with the Logitech F310 Gamepad; they bring the controller that takes a step back in time but a step forward in gaming experience.

Cheap in cost but not in quality, as the controller possesses the PS3 layout (with the A B X Y buttons and earlier version design) and stronger body with optimized shape and layout for better grip and access. The product runs on batteries and is assisted with wired system for better choice, light on weight and on the pocket and stronger response time.

The controller has solid buttons for better clicking feel, swappable between the x-input and direct input and the wire length, appropriate enough for the desk play but not adequate enough to be played from the couch (minor slouching would be necessary). This controller design is commendable for its price range amidst all mentioned features.


  • Simple design conforming with the previous versions.
  • Crisp buttons with solid and well-built shape
  • Connects adequately with various other mainstream gaming consoles and PCs
  • Appropriate cable length for proper gaming experience without the strain


  • Not compatible much with larger hands as the joysticks require some serious bending
  • The D-pads are reported to be wobbling and rattling after excessive usage

6. ASTRO Gaming C40 Tr Controller

If you are looking for the most intensifying gaming experience, influenced with design, quality and features, here is our pick from the line of ASTRO products. As the world’s leading gaming controller manufacturers, The ASTRO Gaming C40 Tr Controller is the choice of the professionals and based on our research, its features supersede our expectations in every way.

The controller excels in its sleek black and red color proffering premium body and shape with immense features. Such features like rear button layouts for precision during critical times, high-powered sound experience, wired and wireless compatibility and works with any or every gaming set.

This controller serves as the best pal during your favorite First-Person Shooters (Call of duty fans alert!) with its active trigger stops to allow trigger-hair performance. The replaceable and swappable D-pad and stick allows the user to set based on preference and change accordingly for the favorite game. The configuration system allows the user to set the stick range and efficiency for more precision accurate gaming experience.


  • Enhanced interactive features for engaging gaming experience
  • Wired and Wireless usability for a series of gaming consoles and PCs
  • Replaceable and Swappable Stick modules as per preference


  • Expensive as per features offered
  • Bugs reported
  • Abrupt connection errors reported

7. PowerA Spectra Enhanced

From the rendition of PowerA, the top-notch manufacturers of gaming controllers, comes the next recommendation. During our research for an immersive gaming experience, with enhanced features and choices, we came across the PowerA Spectra Enhanced controller. Although not easy on the wallet, the features make up for it in every way.

This controller proffers some dynamic options, brightening your experience with its colorful range of designs. The controller encompasses two mappable gaming buttons, accuracy-equipped analog sticks (with anti-friction rings), and the usual buttons also in illuminated light design (available in 7 different choices of color). The model possesses 3.5mm stereo headset clean elegant design for softer feel.

The model comes in both wired and wireless for ease of choice and already prepares us for the ramification of battery charging/managing and reduces lag (which is found profusely in wireless designs).

The wireless model also reports low levels of latency (which can be expected to some extent). The product comes with 2-year limited warranty and registered on Xbox official, making it compatible for future models and designs.


  • Built for Xbox series and PCs.
  • Vibrant color choice of joystick
  • Dual rumble motor, 3.5 mm stereo headset input and detachable 9.5ft cable
  • Dual modes of usage (Wired and Wireless)


  • Unavailability of smart sleep technology when not in use
  • Loud keys

8. 8Bitdo SN30 Pro Controller

Looking for the old school choice of controllers but also the best controller for Minecraft? Then its time to bring out the old-fashioned choices. This controller takes us back in time but not in features. The range from 8Bitdo takes a step back in the arcade games era and incorporates the legendary design with futuristic choice of features

The 8Bitdo SN30 Pro Controller possesses the unique design compatible for Windows, MacOS and Nintendo Switch. Do not let the “8bit” part fool you as this controller is fully equipped with the modern-day wireless connect, motion control with dual wired/wireless mode.

It has been reported that its retro design is graced with constant firmware update for greater compatibility. The controller is best sold with its retro receiver that allows wireless connect, although it is equipped with wired option for smoother plug-and-play.

The controller is made as versatile as possible for greater device compatibility like Windows, MacOS, Rasberry Pi, Retron 5, B+ and more. It features rumble vibration for extensive interaction, TURBO functions in a fully compact and ergonomic design.


  • Greater Compatibility
  • Improved Features
  • Dual modes of usage (Wired and wireless)


  • Left analog stick was reported to turn faulty after a month’s worth of moderate usage
  • Wireless usage has reported abrupt freezing and button lag

9. IFYOO ONE Pro Wired

If you’re opting for a modern look in gaming, We have the best choice from the collection of IFYOO, a gaming company from 2016 working to improve the gaming peripheral industry. From our perspective, the IFYOO ONE Pro Wired excels on its design capabilities and possesses all superb features for its users.

The IFYOO ONE Pro Wired Controller proves to be a tremendous choice in design, features and compatibility. If looks aren’t the only thing you’re after, then surely the features are. The controller possesses killer features like JD-SWITCH Function, TURBO Function (perfect for shooting games), Multi-mode and faster plug-and-play (feature limited to PC Games and not on console) for the gamer seeking the best. Wide range of compatibility in PCs, Android Phones and PS3 gives it an absolute plus.

The controller comes with a 10.5 ft wire for long distance sitting (your eyes would certainly approve of this design) and would certainly be desk appropriate and couch appropriate distance. Based on the price range set, this controller certainly meets the expectations.


  • Greater cable length
  • Ergonomic design with smooth grip, perfect for long usage
  • Lightweight and supporting interface


  • Not compatible for Xbox series or MacOS
  • Some features limited to the gaming set being used on.

10. DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

Last but not least in our list of the 10 best controllers for Minecraft. If you are looking for greater compatibility, fresh design, and durability, then the DualShock 4 Wireless Controller is here to fulfill. From the great console creators, Sony, comes the best pair from its PlayStation series and is equipped for your PC at the same time. This controller surpasses many with its signature look.

The DualShock 4 Wireless Controller has the traditional layout and design but with multi-touch and clickable pad in the center. Packed with a built-in speaker and stereo headset jack, the controller opens some amazing possibilities to be achieved in the gaming world.

The controller includes a share button for instant social media connect to keep up with friends, share leaderboards, and high scores. Plug-and-play and wireless features, dedicated precision control, soft texturing for smoother grip and durable batteries for long weekend gaming.

One of the most commendable aspects is the design range, including elegant monotone designs and camouflage designs. Our review foretells this product to be rightfully priced for its provided features and can go the long run in the gaming world,


  • Solid Build quality
  • Reliable performance
  • Responsive D-Pad
  • Plenty of extra features


  • Some features are restricted for PC

Final words

Looking for the console gaming experience on PC? When the keyboard and mouse become difficult to adjust, the gaming experience is boosted with controllers. That’s why we wanted to find the best controllers for Minecraft.

As we listed it, our top recommendation for the best controller for Minecraft is the Elite Series 2 Controller but if you want to try playing it with controller without investing too much then you should go for the Be1 Wired Gaming Controller.

No matter how fancy and aesthetically pleasing the gaming mouse and gaming keyboards, some games like Call of Duty and GTA 5 deserve the controller experience. Even for Minecraft PC, as most people wouldn’t recommend playing with a controller, we wouldn’t discourage anyone from trying, it definitely has its advantages.

Growing up with gaming consoles, it’s interesting how much attached one can be with the habit of X Square Circle Triangle (or A B if you’re that retro) and the traditional joystick for movement, the kind of experience that can’t be replicated through the QWERTY board and mouse. If there is money to upgrade the PC for an immersive gaming experience, there really is not a big dent in the wallet when it comes to opting for the purchase of a pocket-friendly choice of wireless gaming controller.

If you went through the article and saw a lot of “sticky buttons” and “D-pad” failure, you probably might get skeptical in choice of the best. However, it is natural for the buttons to wear out and the possibility of reaching out to customer support persists in these situations.

A few things I would like to add to ease your selection is to firstly be completely aware of the type of compatibility you are going after. We started this article researching for “PC gaming controllers” but we tried to adapt it to use them to play Minecraft.

In a manner of bridging the practice between console and PC gaming experience, you can opt for the controller with compatibility in the two rather than the choice of one.

Talking about the longevity of the controller is highly dependent on the care it receives, the usage it gets and the hands it gets into. The final advice would be to not expect the price to have anything to do with longevity but simply the amount of usage and care it receives that determines it.

We hope this review of the best controllers for Minecraft has helped you enough to make a decision and you can enjoy playing even more.

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:40:20.