Ariane 5 World – Map Minecraft

Ariane 5 Globe is a map for Minecraft in which you will be equipped to visit an unfamiliar earth misplaced in a distant galaxy that residences the Ariane 5 rocket as properly as a parkour, 4 mini-video games and other tricks that you will have to learn when walking on the map.

Extra details about Ariane 5 Earth

The map was produced by the builders crew Elysium Hearth and can be performed in multiplayer as effectively as solo. Within the map there are diverse rooms with books the place you can understand far more about Ariane 5 and its historical past.

The challenge is also supported by ArianeGroup, manufacturer of the legendary Ariane 5 rocket, which has supplied the details in these guides. This is one particular of the potent details of this map, the clever mix involving the playful and educational component.

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You begin the experience at the foot of the Ariane 5 rocket and your intention is to access the top. At the spawn, you will see that you have a remote handle in your hand, this will permit you to go amongst the conserve details or teleport to the commencing of the system. To do this, you will have to overcome many parkour that will direct you to rooms with checkpoints, each and every of these rooms has mini-online games effectively regarded to all Minecraft gamers but with a minor space twist.

The information of the map

  • Parkour : you will have to jump from blocks to blocks to reach the rooms and your final purpose, the best of Ariane 5. When you attain the top, you can buy a pair of elytra to fly about the earth as you be sure to. If you just can’t get earlier the parkours, teleportation factors are readily available (solo match)
  • Dropper : in this mini-recreation you will have to fall into the vacuum of area while keeping away from the asteroids on your way. (one participant game)
  • Elytra race : cross the outstanding canyon geared up with your elytra and consider to make the best time. (solitary player recreation)
  • TNT Operate : you will have to be the final survivor of the 3 consecutive platforms. (multi game)
  • Quake : equipped with your laser gun, you will have to reduce all your opponents by capturing them (multi match)
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In just about every room you get to, you will have the option to learn a lot more about Ariane 5 through the books that are there. These textbooks inform the story of the rocket but also make it possible for you to find out extra about the weird planet you are on.

There are even 2 mystery rooms hidden on the map and 5 winks to well-known Youtubers (Aypierre, Aurelien_Sama, NemsYT, Frigiel and Siphano). If you cannot obtain them, the speak to details is available at the end of the post.

Down load the Ariane 5 Planet map

Be sure to notice that the map only performs on the Java 1.16.5 edition of Minecraft (and is as a result not suitable with the Bedrock Edition). To obtain the map, adhere to the url underneath :

📥 Down load Ariane 5 Planet map

For assist on installing the map, verify out our article : How to put in a Minecraft map

Illustrations of the map

Concealed information

Right here are the coordinates of the hidden contents on the map :

  • Aypierre: X: -256 Y:201. Z:116
  • Aurelien_sama : X : -10 Y : 38 Z:-56
  • Frigiel: X: 12 Y: 44 Z:-166
  • Nems YT: X: -160 Y: 42 Z:-223
  • Siphano: X: -37 Y:140 Z:113
  • Pieces :
    • 6th piece: X: 194 Y: 77 Z: -231
    • 7th piece: X: -279 Y: 15 Z: -296

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