Age Of Empires IV’s Fancy Documentary Cutscenes Are A Wonder

A screenshot from an Age of Empires IV cutscene

Screenshot: Age of Empires IV

I’ve been taking part in the new Age of Empires IV this week, and for all the superior do the job that has been performed in bringing a common sport into a contemporary era, the greatest detail about it are the bits that occur whilst you are not even participating in.

The recreation has been formulated by Relic, and if there is 1 detail Relic know from their Homeworld days, it is that when it arrives to classic RTS online games, gameplay is only half the entertaining. From Westwood’s Command & Conquer to Blizzard’s Warcraft to the company’s personal again catalogue, the genre’s repetitive, hyper-targeted mechanics intended that even early on in its heritage developers quickly realised that gamers deserved a crack in in between missions, a minor narrative handle.

And so it is below, in this recreation that was produced in 2024 but has the spirit of one particular launched in 1998. In individuals fictional game titles aid would occur in the type of both FMV or animated cutscenes, but in Age of Empires IV we’re handled to some thing a little bit more lavish.

In a superb throwback, the game’s singleplayer strategies are preceded by then punctuated with online video cutscenes all through. If you have not performed the activity then you’re most likely now experience a creeping sense of dread, as reminiscences of underneath-funded documentaries you had to check out in college come flooding again, the type where by shields are manufactured of cardboard and significant battles are filmed with 5 combatants.

Fairly than try out and explain to the campaign’s story, though, these cutscenes are in its place documentaries. And good kinds at that! They’re brief, sharp, stunning to watch and ideal of all give us wonderful insights into the technological innovation and ways that you are applying in the sport.

As an case in point, here’s a assortment of the cutscenes from the game’s Norman marketing campaign, which operates to close to 40 minutes and when you check out it like this can actually just be confused for a really interesting little documentary about chainmail and siege tactics.

Also, when actively playing on Personal computer I was provided the selection to view these in 4K, and they looked glorious. In any case, which is all, I just required to say thanks Relic, this was a attractive deal with, and to any other developers out there working on online games with a historic aim, a lot more of this make sure you!