A Pretty JRPG By Final Fantasy Devs

Image of Astria Ascending female protagonist standing in front of an image of its forested setting.

Illustration: Expensive Villagers

Astria Ascending is a switch-based mostly JRPG with gameplay that pays homage to Bravely Default and Octopath Traveler. I enjoyed the beat in both of those of individuals titles, but the colorful artwork design and style of Astria Ascending felt like an update from the somber coloration palette of all those online games. It also places an appealing twist on the “plucky-adventurers-save-the-world” story system, though I’m not fully confident that the execution lands.

Astria was made by French-Canadian developer Artisan Studios, but some of the developers behind the activity are veterans from the Closing Fantasy collection, NieR:Automata, and Bravely Default. The match also incorporates Japanese and English voice-overs. So even even though the sport is not from Japan, it feels like a JRPG in conditions of aesthetics. Astria claims a 50-hour campaign, eight robust figures, and a much more mature narrative than other games in its style.

The Last Fantasy influences carry above to the fantastical art design. Astria has some of the most unique and eye-catching character styles I have witnessed in a western roleplaying game. All the backgrounds in its two-dimensional environments are lovingly hand-painted. From time to time I would return to aged places to go sightseeing. And, somehow, I locate a new fascinating element in the background each single time. If you questioned me to describe Astria’s artwork in one word, I would tell you that the activity is a “storybook.

And possibly that aesthetic style is intended to soften how its significant plot lands. The twist is exposed in the quite starting of the recreation: Astria’s heroes are dying. Practically. On obtaining exclusive powers as just one of the “demi-gods” of the continent, the hero will die in 3 short yrs. When the tale commences, all of our heroes have only three months to live. And despite the jokes about their impending doom, not all of them are getting it perfectly.

Combat screen of Astria Ascending where four characters face off against three enemies.

Screenshot: Expensive Villagers / Kotaku

Most JRPG heroes can have their disagreements, but they ultimately have to keep on being civil to every other if they want to survive a perilous journey. This is not so in Astria Ascending. The social gathering customers are continually at odds. Rather of camaraderie, the total mood of the party is filled with impatience, jealousy, and prejudice. Anytime I started a cutscene, I braced myself for the heroes to start out verbally attacking just about every other. Does solidarity subject when their star-crossed fates are unavoidable? From what I have found of the 1st 50 percent, the demi-gods never consider so. I’m hoping that they form out their shit in the 2nd half, but the adventure feels really excruciating in the meantime.

In Astria’s setting, planet peace was reached mainly because each country sent one of their folks to develop into a doomed demi-god. They also use emotion-regulating fruits called the harmelon, which is intended to maintain coexistence between the races. The central plot also asks the participant no matter if or not co-existence concerning diverse teams of men and women is really worth it if it arrives at a significant particular price. It is an fascinating philosophical issue, but it didn’t stick with me.

In practical conditions, coexistence among various groups does involve sacrifice, but it is under no circumstances a daily life-or-loss of life thought. Nobody has to just take medication in get to cease currently being prejudiced in opposition to people who are distinctive from them. Stories are highly effective when they rhyme with real existence. Astria is so fantastical about the idea of coexistence that it loses me on the relevance of its themes.

Additional importantly, the constant sniping and the fantasy racism was awkward to expertise in exercise. Probably the match has some thing poignant to say about racism in the 2nd 50 %, but that does not diminish how significantly I dreaded advancing to the future cutscene.

For how embittered the figures are in the direction of just one a further, the get together-based mostly combat feels quite, really excellent. Astria Ascending requires following JRPGs these as Octopath Traveler and Bravely Default in that you can retail outlet turns to use later on. Typically in a JRPG, the participant has to take into account their workforce composition really thoroughly as elemental weaknesses participate in a big component in struggle results. Though these mechanics exist in Astria, it feels much less punishing when I carry the “wrong” figures into a battle. The skill to retail outlet a person character’s turns to pass on to yet another character assists ease some of the pressure that comes with coordinating an best bash for unique fights.

Even so, the battles also truly feel chaotic mainly because the sport does not have a switch indicator. Whilst Astria has a pace mechanic present in a lot of JRPGs, it was complicated for me to interact with when I simply cannot keep in mind who requires that bump. The absence of convert transparency also makes it very tricky to plan ahead and coordinate my assaults.

Inspite of productive high quality of life capabilities like remaining able to teleport about the map, the signposting in this video game is quite atrocious. I invested a substantial total of time making an attempt to come across the future important quest area. From time to time the match feels wonderful sufficient to tell you wherever to go next, but not how to get there. I usually replayed cutscenes to figure out how to advance the plot, and I would like I had a thorough quest log in its place. It pretty much feels like Astria Ascending is intent on making it possible for you to get dropped in its inspiring scenery. Which is awesome, but I want to be presented the decision to prioritize the major campaign.

The match has its indie allure and sincerity. It is easy for me to forgive the place the sport missteps narratively and mechanically when Astria Ascending goes so tough on inventive element and lore. Even the characters’ occupation courses are assigned to certain zodiac indicators. Though I really do not always like all the people as folks, it’s an impressive feat that just about every of them experience so unique. I’m also a ton extra tolerant of feeling dropped in Astria’s globe when I really feel compelled to admire the colourful brushstrokes alongside the way. Astria isn’t a great activity, but I’m not even mad about it.


If you beloved Octopath Traveler as significantly as I did, then Astria Ascending is an noticeable select for your game titles backlog.