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Skyrim lovers are in for a handle with Saints & Seducers, a quest-loaded development that’s involved in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition when it launches November 11. Saints & Seducers will also be produced readily available totally free to proprietors of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Distinctive Version the identical working day.

Even with introducing a new storyline across two quests (and of study course, facet quests), there’s even more to get hyped for in Saints & Seducers. We reached out to Senior Artist and Development Club Direct Daniel Lee to get the inside scoop on this impending piece of no cost written content and why you Dragonborn out there ought to preserve it on your radar.

The Shivering Isles return

These familiar with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will get a kick out of Saints & Seducers with the return of The Shivering Isles, Sheogorath’s Daedric Realm. In this creation’s key tale, a devious mage aims to weaken the barrier amongst the Isles and Tamriel by itself, jeopardizing huge chaos for the continent. 

As you play, you’ll uncover armor, weapons and even aspect quests referring to Sheogorath’s otherworldly domain. “The Shivering Isles holds a particular spot in my heart,” Lee reminisces. “This creation is packed full of nostalgia.”

Equipment, equipment, equipment

Talking of weapons and armor, Saints & Seducers is chock comprehensive of new things to gather, like new artifacts, pets, armor, weapons and alchemy elements. “Enjoy significant armor?  Like to use a bow?  Desire to conjure allies?  Are potions and poisons your weapons of option?  This generation has it all protected,” claims Lee. “There truly is a little something for every person.”

Notion of a Madness Battleaxe – Find plenty of elusive Insanity Ore and you can craft just one of the strongest weapons in the sport for by yourself.

Extra than a quest

“The development is not confined to its primary quest, there are lots of strategies to learn,” Lee provides. Even following finishing the main storyline of Saints & Seducers, players have a great deal to do from smithing facet quests to every little thing offered in Scarce Curios, a bonus development that arrives as aspect of Saints & Seducers. With Rare Curios, players can obtain unique items from all in excess of Tamriel by using Khajiit caravans, including substances to craft all-new potions and poisons. 

New threats to face

Skyrim’s roving bandits and ferocious wildlife are high-quality sufficient foes when traversing the wilds, but why not spice it up? Saints & Seducers functions new enemies to combat, including Corrupted Spriggans and juvenile Elytra Nymphs. Really don’t let their more compact size idiot you, those Nymphs can often be just as fatal as their thoroughly grown counterparts!

Your private pet Elytra

For some, the finest for very last: With Saints & Seducers, The Shivering Isles’ have indigenous insect species can be yours to take property as a pet! “I’ve often wished a pet Elytra,” suggests Lee, and we’re particular he’s not the only one particular.

Saints & Seducers, along with the Exceptional Curios, Fishing and Survival Method creations, will be produced cost-free for all homeowners of Skyrim Distinctive Edition commencing November 11. Want even additional amazing creations to examine? Up grade to the Skyrim Anniversary Edition and obtain not only these creations, but every single solitary piece of Generation Club written content at the moment available for the recreation, in one particular practical bundle.

Concept of some Amber weapons – Cast from Amber, these light-weight weapons rival Dragonbone in harm.