You won’t be able to move New World characters between regions after all

New World’s server transfer method will not likely be as versatile as initially instructed. Amazon experienced originally stated that players would be able to switch in between servers in distinct locations, permitting you go a character from, for example, a North American server to a European a single. As of yesterday, they verified that’s not the case.&#13

Amazon’s MMO has tested so well known that players have been confronted with prolonged queues to sign up for its servers. To ease the queuing, Amazon recommended that players need to join a server with a small inhabitants, whilst the growth team prioritised a new attribute that would permit gamers transfer people amongst servers.&#13

The strategy was: participate in on whatever server you could for now, and you can expect to be able to change to the server your mates are on in a number of weeks. A tweet from the formal New Globe account stated plainly that, “Indeed, you can move among areas if you want.”&#13

Yesterday, a New Planet group manager provided an update on the server transfer feature. The main information was that the update was delayed into up coming 7 days, but it also states that you “can move your character to any earth in your area.” Then, a “server transfer issues” thread puts it more plainly: &#13

So the ‘transfer to any server’ statement concerns before was not accurate?

Unfortunately the primary details provided was incorrect.

This is of course bad news for players who have just invested dozens of hours into a character that they are not able to now go to engage in with friends. &#13

It’s a disgrace, mainly because aside from remaining preferred, Alice B is really making the most of it in her New Globe assessment in development.