You can’t put ‘Bezos’ or ‘Amazon’ in your New World character name

The very first factor I did in Amazon’s New World was see if I could make fun of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos with my username, for the reason that of system which is what I did, but Amazon was one particular action in advance of me. New Earth does not let the use of “Bezos” or “Amazon” in your player name. I experienced my heart set checking out the planet as “Jeff Bezos’ Wallet.” Now what am I supposed to do?

Following confirming that variants of Bezos like “JeffB,” “Bez0s,” and “Be Zos” had been also locked out, I tried out just likely by “Amazon.” That word’s not authorized possibly. These names are evidently not locked because other gamers have already claimed them. When a name is currently taken, it says, “This name is in use.” Names which incorporate the words Amazon and Bezos, on the other hand, “are not able to be utilised,” which is also what New Environment states when you type in swear words.

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Laptop Gamer’s Chris Livingston experienced the shiny thought to try “Beff Jezos,” and to our shock, it was not locked! It was, having said that, already taken by anyone with quicker wit than ours.

So why has New Planet considered the name of Amazon’s founder on the amount of swear words and phrases? We will see if Amazon gets again to us with a statement, but the obvious respond to is that hundreds of gamers dunking on Jeff Bezos, the very dunkable richest particular person on the earth, in Amazon’s very own recreation would make Amazon appear a little absurd. Identical goes for the term Amazon itself (my backup name of “Unionize Amazon” is a no-go, regretably).

Judging by how several of our name variants have been shot down, I am eager to guess there are a several additional Amazon-adjacent terms locked out that we haven’t caught nonetheless. I’m a minor obsessed with understanding what is and is just not authorized now, so a lot that it may possibly just take me a different hour or so to get to the activity.

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