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AMD’s new RX 6600 graphics card has launched, as we have achieved the card’s October 13th launch day and the 2PM BST / 9AM EDT launch time. Our RX 6600 evaluate shows that AMD’s guarantee of an affordable 1080p performer at $329/£299 is fulfilled, in spite of some shut competition from Nvidia’s RTX 3060, so expect a large amount of demand for playing cards at RRP/MSRP. New GPUs are practically unachievable to come across at a very good rate correct now, but if you check out the backlinks below at the right time you still have a shot of choosing up a shiny new RX 6600 in the US or British isles. We have linked to the two prebuilt methods and the playing cards themselves, so think about examining equally classes.

So why is this card so hotly anticipated? Put simply just, it provides the progress of AMD’s bleeding-edge RDNA2 GPUs like the RX 6900 XT down to an entry-amount cost point, focusing on the large refresh level 1080p displays that are amongst the most well known new buys. The RX 6600 is also reasonably future-proof, many thanks to HDMI 2.1 assist, 8GB of VRAM and RT capabilities. It really is theoretically the exact same cost as Nvidia’s competing RTX 3060, which admittedly does execute greater in quite a few games but continues to be hard to find.

Nevertheless AMD’s partners will have no question ready hundreds of cards for sale, and the GPU’s smaller die dimensions means that more playing cards can be produced from the same sum of silicon, we still count on demand to be big and therefore these graphics playing cards need to promote out rapid.

The place can you acquire the RX 6600 in the British isles?

You can buy the RX 6600 from a vary of key US and United kingdom suppliers, which we’ve summarised in a handy desk beneath. Stock is presently advertising through rapidly, so do consider checking a next or even third retailer if you are not able to order from your standard put.

Notice that some stores outlined underneath have not put their RX 6600 groups dwell nevertheless, so if a hyperlink isn’t going to work then you could be a bit early – or they may well be a bit late! Try a different retailer or research for the RX 6600 8GB in the retailer’s search bar as an substitute.

Where can you acquire the RX 6600 in the US?

The RX 6600 is obtainable from a huge assortment of major retailers, which we have summarised in a helpful desk underneath. Inventory is marketing via immediately, so do check all of the backlinks offered rather than just your favorite one or two merchants. Chances are that most outlets will provide out in a make a difference of minutes, but with a tiny luck and tolerance we must be in a position to hook you up sooner or later!

How quick is the RX 6600 XT?

The RX 6600 is comparable in electric power to the RTX 2060 or 2060 Tremendous depending on the activity, and trades wins with the RTX 3060 – with the Nvidia card having the bulk of the victories, it must be explained. Nonetheless, it really is in 10 per cent of that (ostensibly also $329) card. In comparison to the RX 6600, the RX 6600 XT is around 20 per cent faster at 1080p for all-around 20 % more dollars, though at 1440p the even larger AMD card performs even improved. From an more mature GTX 1060 or RX 580 graphics card, you are going to generally see all over 70 percent extra general performance. For a lot more details, look at our RX 6600 evaluation.

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What’s the RX 6600 price tag?

AMD’s official recommended retail rates for the RX 6600 start out at $329/£299. This could improve dependent on the retailer and the specification of the card, as personalized variations from other associates might receive some manufacturing unit overclocking to increase general performance, a lot more ports or other additions. Of program, in the present market, graphics playing cards may perhaps be seen as a discount even if they’re in £100/$100 of the RRP! So significantly, the pricing has not seemed way too egregious, even though that may possibly possibility in the days and weeks in advance before provide catches up with demand from customers.


Are pre-developed RX 6600 desktop PCs offered in the Uk?

There are a variety of British isles and US stores with RX 6600 graphics playing cards available who will construct an RX 6600 XT desktop Computer for you. You do pay out a premium for the privilege but this is continue to a terrific possibility for any person without the time or inclination to make for by themselves, or who just isn’t equipped to locate a standalone card – as most suppliers will desire to market a total program somewhat than a GPU by yourself.

Are pre-built RX 6600 desktop PCs readily available in the US?

There are a variety of American technique integrators that can get treatment of the tough get the job done of making a higher-end gaming rig and sending it to your door. Right here are some of our complete faves.

That’s all the RX 6600 order information we’ve arrive across so far. Of course, we are going to return to update this webpage consistently with all the finest RX 6600 selling prices when they are available and as quickly as when we location them, so do remain tuned! We are going to also tweet out cards from @dealsfoundry and @dealsfoundryusa, so be confident to adhere to us there if you want instant updates as soon as inventory appears.

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