What games have you bought more than once, and why?

Maybe you required a electronic duplicate to exchange an growing old physical duplicate. Or just one of individuals Full Gold GOTY Final Anything editions to get all the DLC for a recreation you previously experienced. Maybe you desired a sport on a diverse platform for the sake of cross-engage in, or usefulness. Or you forgot you owned it already right until you went to activate the key from a bundle. Seem, it appeared like a discount at the time.

What game titles have you bought more than at the time, and why?

Right here are our responses, moreover some from our discussion board.

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Natalie Clayton: Tragically, I to start with played The Orange Box on Xbox 360. My Computer system at the time had develop into a sputtering mess that would blue-monitor perhaps a 3rd of the time you tried turning it on, mind, and I did have a quick operate as a single of the very best Scouts on console TF2. But the simply call of modding was potent, and when I eventually acquired a respectable notebook, Valve’s bundle was the to start with thing I bought—and I straight away set to perform downloading just about every custom campaign I could uncover whilst finding to grips with the Source mapping resources myself. I rarely (if ever) unveiled any of those people maps, but it very a lot kickstarted my brief occupation in video game progress.

Sarah James: I have finished this with quite a couple of video games but the key culprits are Closing Fantasy X/X-2, Remaining Fantasy 12, and the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy. The to start with two I own on 4 (4) separate platforms, although the FF13 trilogy I possess on three. Why? I’m not actually absolutely sure. I consider it’s mostly since I adore them and the believed of not becoming ready to play anytime I want is actually upsetting. Not that I can feel of a state of affairs the place I wouldn’t have entry to at least two of them but better harmless than sorry! 

There is one more explanation however, which has only transpired to me now. There’s some thing genuinely gratifying (thrilling?) about replaying a game from scratch on a new system. It’s not the same as just buying the ‘new game’ solution from the menu because you’ve got currently performed it—it doesn’t truly feel new. I don’t think it really is an achievements point either, nevertheless there is a particular amount of satisfaction when you see these pop up for the first time. I do not know, probably I’m just unusual.

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Tyler Wilde: I primarily possess doubles of online games simply because I had them on disc in the ’90s and then bought them again a 10 years or two later on on Steam, or remastered in some way. Who appreciates in which my Zork: Grand Inquisitor DVD is? (Yeah, which is ideal, I had the increased DVD-ROM variation.) 

Morgan Park: I may or may well not have bought Rainbow 6 Siege… six times. I started off out on PS4. Then a 12 months afterwards a buddy wished to participate in with me but only experienced an Xbox, so I acquired us each utilised copies. Then I eventually obtained a good Laptop and had to try out the video game there. Then I bought a duplicate for my husband or wife (who by no means played it, understandably) and a single a lot more time for a pal on Personal computer when it was discounted. I’m not absolutely sure if acquiring video games for other individuals truly counts, but I do sense preposterous possessing Siege on all 3 platforms. It is a miracle I have not bought it on Stadia nevertheless.

Christopher Livingston: I consider I have acquired Sam & Max: Strike the Highway 3 or 4 times. I know I 1st experienced it on a floppy disk (which I no for a longer period have) and also on a CD (which I nevertheless have). And I certainly had two copies of it on CD, probably mainly because it was offered in a pack with other LucasArts game titles at some issue? I are not able to recall, but I keep in mind supplying my spare to a close friend. And now I also individual it on Steam since I needed to perform it recently, and I no more time have a CD travel on my Computer system, moreover who is aware of how tough it would be receiving it to operate virtually 30 yrs later on? In any case, income very well expended. Would buy all over again, honestly.

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Andy Chalk: There are a few, but the just one that leaps straight away to mind is Plants vs. Zombies. I acquired it digitally from PopCap, and then picked up (in no distinct purchase that I can remember) the normal boxed version, the Collectors Edition with a minimal Sunflower design, the Disco Zombie restricted edition, and a DVD-box copy that I observed somewhere for 99 cents. I have a feeling there is an additional box all-around with a unique figurine—a Pea Shooter, perhaps? In any case, Crops vs. Zombies is the great videogame, and if I at any time operate throughout any far more editions I never already individual, I will unquestionably throw funds at them.

Colif: Only factors I have for obtaining a video game again are:
1. to in fact participate in it once more, game titles this sort of as Sacred 2 weren’t on Steam right until way following release. Convenience a lot more than something.
2. To enjoy it on a distinct structure. I acquired Diablo 3 on Laptop, PS3 & PS4.
3. To enjoy it on a new console. This form of applies to Diablo 3 but its additional Journey.

So far have not accidentally purchased very same game 2 times, but I have finished that with guides right before.

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Frindis: Aside from freebies on various platforms, I have acquired two different versions of Skyrim (Particular and Famous edition) due to the fact of the mods I could use with them.

mainer: The major reason I will acquire a sport a second time is to have a digital variation of an more mature activity that I have in actual physical sort both DVD, CD, or even on a established of ancient floppy disks. Digital variations of these video games will normally run high-quality (although some have to have some tweaking) on contemporary devices and are totally patched to the newest version. I do wait around for product sales, bundled discounts, or the occasional freebie ahead of making a re-order.

The next reason would be a remastered or remake of a match I like. We have been looking at a great deal of these this yr, and I definitely appreciate that some older classics are receiving a makeover to run on present day PCs, but it is in essence the identical sport.

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JCgames: I purchased a 2nd duplicate of Mechwarrior 5 for the reason that I needed to perform with mates LAN model at my position. It is a seriously exciting co-op game that has crossplay amongst Steam and Epic.

I also grabbed Freedom power and a lot of some others from GOG because they deal with some difficulties with more recent programs. Apart from probably if sufficient men and women retain purchasing FF irrational may well in fact make a third!

OsaX Nymloth: Do I actually need to have to reveal why I have like 3 or 4 copies of Fallout 2? 

Zloth: Effectively, Closing Fantasy 7, of program. Mainly because I purchased it again when it showed up on Laptop in the ’90s but did not keep it about. Then somebody outlined it and I had to get it once again.

Pifanjr: I believe I may have purchased Skyrim 2 times. The moment actual physical and the moment as the electronic GOTY edition when it was on sale, due to the fact it was much less expensive than buying the DLC separately.

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ZedClampet: Often I’ll buy a bundle that has game titles integrated that I already have. We now have a thread below exactly where some of us offer you these additional keys up to whoever would like them.

One circumstance where by it was not a bundle was with Fallout 3. I bought the initial version on Steam without the need of noticing that it did not truly operate any longer. This was before refunds, and I was pretty irritated that Bethesda would maintain a activity for sale that failed to run on present-day gen Home windows. I put in an hour finding it to operate, but then the GOTY version, which operates high-quality without the need of executing nearly anything to it, went on sale for basically nothing at all, and I acquired it.

Other than that, as a large amount of other individuals are declaring, I’ve bought digital copies of games that I had bodily copies of from the times of yore.

IrisEdgeStudios: 50 percent-Existence 2. Finest match at any time.

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Sarafan: Most noteworthy case in point of a video game that was acquired by me several moments is Heroes of Could possibly and Magic 3. Mainly the initially duplicate that I owned experienced some annoying bugs in my location. When the two expansions were being mounted, only the Shadow of Dying strategies labored appropriately. The relaxation had some missing audio data files in the course of the cinematics and warning pop ups about lacking data files.

So I decided to acquire a boxed Entire Version. This variation had some bugs with regards to translation in my native language and troubles with implementation of the Shadow of Death adjustments. Nothing at all that could not be preset by some file enhancing, but following a few decades I made the decision that I want a solid foundation for modding. Which is why I made a decision to acquire a 3rd copy of the sport on GOG (this time the English edition) and it at last will work flawlessly!