Wario’s shoes are Wario to the core

Wario is a style icon. Even specialist stylist Peter Nguyen of The Vital Man agrees it’s true. But 1 issue that Nguyen and I disagree on is Wario’s footwear.

Positive, Nguyen is an expert in men’s style who is aware of extra about dresses than I know about something, and I’m an virtually 30-12 months-outdated gentleman who will work in sweatpants each day. But my point is: Fuck yeah, Wario sneakers. I like ‘em.

If you’ve under no circumstances appeared at Wario’s shoes, you are in for a handle. Wario’s regular shoe is a pointed environmentally friendly clog. It appears like he stole Genie’s sneakers from Aladdin (one thing Wario would undoubtedly do) and then spray-painted them green — a shade that does not match his yellow and purple overalls at all (also fairly on-manufacturer for Wario).

Wario’s radical sneakers in some cases improve colors, showing as purple in his iconic biker costume and magenta in his Wario Man costume. Sometimes they’re black, and they’ve even been brown. He’s even bought spiked versions of his crooked sneakers for enjoying golf, and extravagant curved sneakers for when he’s riding a horse. Wario loses nearly every other pinpointing component of his wardrobe when he’s on a horse, but the shoes have to remain. Some of the only times you see Wario without having his iconic clogs are when he’s dressed to climb a mountain or pretending to be a cowboy. Why extreme sports activities are an exception to Wario’s shoe rule is a subtlety we’ll by no means comprehend.

We’ve learned a ton about Wario in the past month, but I imagine his sneakers are the accurate window into his soul. Shoes inform us a large amount about a male. Mario has been carrying these hideous brown kicks for yrs, but they are functional — they have to have wonderful traction, and they’re dirty with Goomba juice to strike anxiety into his enemies. Bowser wears all those ill-ass steel footwear for his wedding ceremony to Princess Peach, likely due to the fact there is a ton of rocks in his castle and even the king of all Koopas wouldn’t want to stage on people.

Wario’s outfits are impressive and, at times, daunting. But his shoes are silly and weird. Wario sees that very important will need to equilibrium his manufacturer, so he keeps himself humble with his footwear. It takes a confident male to wear a shoe like Wario does, especially in as quite a few unique events as he wears them.

But which is what we like about Wario. He can be a fashion icon. And he can also say, “These are my goddamn sneakers, and I acquire them with me wherever I go.” Do they search functional? Are they trendy? Definitely not. But they are Wario. And which is why he’ll never consider them off.