Warhammer 40,000 celebrates the festive season with grimdark scented candles

To start with there had been Warhammer-themed unpleasant Christmas sweaters (which have been not unattractive enough to get our Ugly Gaming Christmas Sweater Struggle Royale, regrettably). Then, the Warhammer-themed Xmas stockings and plush squig. Now, the people today whose occupation is coming up with weird suggestions for merch have strike on scented candles that odor like Warhammer 40,000.

The concepts for these 5 candles are fairly excellent really, and properly-suited to the environment. The Slaanesh a single is identified as soporific musk, named for the stupefying weaponized odor followers of the god of decadence emit, and is described as “the scent of delusion”. You can also make your space odor like a “Catachan potpourri” with the Astra Militarum’s loss of life earth candle, or appreciate mind-controlling t’au ethereal pheromones with their “scent of enlargement”. As typical the place marines are the boring types, with the Dark Angels tallow simply just representing “the scent of faith”, while the tyranids’ toxicrene spores get to be “the scent of the great devourer”.

No ork candles are outlined, which is possibly for the very best. They are up for pre-buy on Merchoid, which also sells the aforementioned hideous sweaters and Xmas stocking. Oh no, I’ve just witnessed the Chaos Undivided quality faux leather jacket and now I type of want one. 

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:41:07.