Video: Disney Classic Collection officially announced for November, upgrade path available

The revised Disney Typical Collection is heading to the Nintendo Switch on 9th November for $29.99. It has also been created obvious today by developer Digital Eclipse and publisher Nighthawk Interactive that people of you who very own the original edition can up grade to a DLC pack identified as “The Jungle E book and More Aladdin,” for $9.99. The Disney Typical Selection is made up of various unique versions of Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Jungle Book. The new Disney Vintage Collection increases on the authentic by featuring new filters and visible possibilities for the unique games incorporated as well as numerous bonus functions.


  • Disney’s Aladdin: SNES, Recreation Boy, Recreation Boy Shade, Sega Mega Drive
  • Disney’s Aladdin – Ultimate Slice: Sega Mega Travel
  • Disney’s Aladdin – Demo Model: Sega Mega Push
  • Disney’s Aladdin – Japanese Variation: Sega Mega Push
  • Disney’s The Lion King: SNES, Game Boy, Video game Boy Color, Sega Mega Travel
  • Disney’s The Lion King – Japanese Edition: Sega Mega Travel
  • Disney’s The Jungle Reserve: SNES, Game Boy, Sega Mega Travel