Valheim Crystal: how to get Crystal Shards

In which do you get Crystal Shards in Valheim, and what are they utilised for? Crystal has existed as a useful resource in Valheim for a even though, but like many crafting resources in this Early Accessibility cult strike, it is really only not too long ago been offered a use. The Fireplace & Dwelling update has added Crystal Battleaxe and Crystal Wall recipes, and now this beforehand purely attractive useful resource is in higher demand from customers.

In this Valheim Crystals tutorial, we convey to you how to get Crystal Shards and what to use them for once you have them.

How to get Crystal Shards in Valheim

Crystal Shards are exclusively dropped by Stone Golems. These enemies can be located only in the Mountains biome, and however are neither the least complicated enemies to defeat nor to uncover in the first area.

Stone Golems only turn into aggressive when threatened, and when resting they appear pretty much indistinguishable from any other random pile of rocks in the landscapes. Get ready to spend a truthful bit of time poking about inert mountainous rock formations right up until you uncover just one that fights back again. You may get lucky and place 1 from afar remaining aggroed by a wolf or other mountain creature, but it isn’t going to shell out to count on it.

At the time aggravated, a Stone Golem will appear after you. These enemies every single boast 800 HP and one particular of two brutal sets of assaults, based on which variant you get. Spike Golems can pick concerning a lunge attack that inflicts Piercing damage or a swiping attack that does Blunt harm though Sledge (a.k.a. Boulder-armed) Golems have two various slam assaults, both of those of which inflict Blunt problems on your weak weary Viking. Other than that there is certainly really very little difference between the two variations, but it is really worthy of discovering to recognise them so you can conduct your dodges appropriately.

No subject their sub-style, Stone Golems have only a solitary weak point: the pickaxe. You will find genuinely no position in hoping to defeat them any other way, so be positive to bring along your best pickaxe when searching them. Luckily, every downed Stone Golem will fall involving 3 and 5 Crystal Shards to reward your initiatives.

How to craft with Crystal Shards in Valheim

With the Fireplace & Residence update, there are now two crafting recipes that contact for Crystal Shards.

The Crystal Battleaxe is the flashiest (pun meant) use for Crystal Shards. It’s not really the greatest axe in Valheim — the Blackmetal Axe has significantly top-quality stats and while on paper it truly is tied with the Battleaxe, the latter however wins palms-down for its far exceptional assault speed. But it’s a near 3rd location, and nicely worthy of incorporating to your arsenal if you have the requisite 40x Historical Bark, 30x Silver, and 10x Crystal you need to have to craft it.

The Crystal Wall may possibly sound significantly less fascinating than a beautiful shiny axe, but it is really basically possibly the most effective use for your tough-won Crystal Shards. Costing only 2x Crystal Shards for every section to craft, the Crystal Wall is exclusive in Valheim in that it raises Ease and comfort by 1 when inside a structure that works by using it, earning the Resting Impact extra successful. As an included bonus, aesthetically it truly is at present the closest factor in the video game to glass home windows, which is truly worth bearing in brain if you happen to be into inventive foundation constructing designs.

That is all you require to know about Crystals in Valheim (for now), but there is lots additional to get to grips with in this Viking-themed survival game. Why not check out out our finest Valheim seeds guideline or our console commands cheat listing to get you begun? Or, if Fireside & Residence introduced you here, we have guides on some of the update’s other new methods, which includes how to harvest and craft with Tar, and how to craft and use the Obliterator.