UItimate Audio Bang podcast: 1v1 me on shooter trivia

This week’s episode of the Greatest Audio Bang is marked by levels of competition. Imogen and I quiz each individual other on all matters shooter trivia, and somebody appreciates a lot more than the other. In any case, just before that, there is a lot of news to catch up on. Phone Of Duty: Vanguard has fixed a odd dognado glitch, time-loopy shooter Lemnis Gate is out, Halo: Infinite tech preview quantity two comes incredibly quickly, and Overwatch 2 announces some reworks. Spoiler notify: Bastion now has a hat.

Speaking of spoilers, I’ve now spoiled this week’s concept which is a 1v1 quiz to the death. Imogen and I toss some questions at every other for glory and supremacy. Not money or anything like that that would be foolish.

It was Imogen’s turn to shock me with some odd or amusing player names we have encountered on our FPS travels. This time we have a small dialogue about Babybels and Dracula. I am underneath force to look for out far more delectable names next week, so I greatest get exploring.

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Publisher Activision Blizzard is currently getting sued by the Point out of California’s Division of Reasonable Employment and Housing (DFEH), in a lawsuit alleging a “frat boy” lifestyle that has designed “a breeding ground for harassment and discrimination towards gals”. Quite a few substantial-level staff members, which include previous president J. Allen Brack, have stepped down. This week the DFEH even further alleged that Activision Blizzard have suppressed proof.