The Survival Games – San Andreas – GamingKK

A fast-paced map, produced by tributes for tributes – developed for tons of motion, ambushes, unexpected fatalities, sniper duels, outrageous chase.
The arena is encouraged by the famous San Andreas – but it’s not just a basic remake of the metropolis in Minecraft – it is modified for the best Survival Game titles practical experience.


  • 260 block radius
  • 200+ chests + hidden containers with strange and customized loot
  • Redstone puzzles, traps
  • 4 crafting tables
  • landscape developed for the most fascinating and epic chases/fights
  • not constructed on flatland
  • areas of chests, workbenches, enchanting tables are very very well-regarded


  • Map created by Jerryn_CZ, Raymancaster
  • Chests are not loaded (it would consider for good to fill them) – use SG plugin
  • This map does not depend with players having stuff from item frames

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:32:58.