Steam Deck delayed into February 2024 because of “material shortages”

If you needed to see what all the Steam Deck fuss is about in 2024, you might be going to be out of luck: Valve has declared that the moveable gaming Pc will no longer launch this year, and will instead start off delivery in February 2024.

Even if you hustled and managed to get a really sought-soon after pre-order for Valve’s punchy little handheld Computer in when they went dwell earlier this year, you’re likely to have to wait until 2024 to really get your fingers on the unit.

Your Xmas may be a bit quieter, then, since the device was meant to begin shipping in December. If you want to stage fingers at anything for ruining the holidays, blame the on-heading world-wide supply chain crisis.

“We’re sorry about this — we did our best to get the job done all over the global provide chain difficulties, but owing to content shortages, factors are not reaching our manufacturing services in time for us to satisfy our first start dates,” Valve spelled out in a site put up.

It looks that all those that ordered the console in the earliest window (who would have receieved it in December) are now viewing Q1 2024 estimates for shipping, although customers that acquired in a little bit afterwards are observing Q2 2024 delivery estimates. So it”s all a bit of a mess. This is most likely simply because Valve is continue to relatively uncertain about the logistics of getting the factors alongside one another.

“When we did our finest to account for the international offer chain difficulties (by which we mean we factored in more time to account for these threats and labored with various ingredient distributors) our manufacturing plans had been nevertheless impacted,” Valve described. “Material shortages and delays meant that elements weren’t building it to our manufacturing amenities on time. Lacking components together with logistical issues signifies delayed Steam Decks, so we wanted to force out delivery by two months to February.”

And just since you received an purchase in, that won’t necesarily suggest you’re going to get a console. Valve mentioned that it intends to “make each and every effort to transform all reservations to orders” but the company is “not in a position to ensure availability.”

At the very least, when the console does change up, it will be good. Valve has still to see a recreation Steam Deck can’t take care of and it was just lately demonstrated operating The Witcher 3 devoid of a hitch. Valve is also reviewing the complete Steam library for Steam Deck compatibility&#13