Spawn Fake Diamonds or Anything Else

A different excellent uncover by SargeantJared

Bogus Diamonds

Howdy there, SargeantJared right here!
Now I have for you Faux Diamonds to
troll/prank your friends! 😛What is it?
These are phony diamonds, they glance genuine but just can’t be picked up.
Great for pranking your good friends or building diamonds in
experience maps that are to be proven only.Tutorial:
Only type this in chat (in 1.7 or higher) where you want the diamond surface:
/summon Item ~ ~ ~ Item:id:264,Rely:
You can transform “264” to a unique product ID 😉

How does it perform?
It is incredibly uncomplicated, it spawns diamonds while still generating it surface.


Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:32:58.