Shenmue anime finally gets a trailer out?v=ftxS-Oa-LrA

No one particular was surprised when a Shenmue anime was introduced mainly because anything is acquiring an anime. But there is rationale to be particularly excited about a Shenmue adaptation: the collection has often been character- and narrative-driven, and contemplating what a cliffhanger Shenmue 3 ended on (even with an 18-calendar year wait around) there is certainly a large amount of folks keen for far more. The 3rd and most crucial purpose is that Shenmue is great. That need to be sufficient.

Which is the trailer above, and regrettably there’s not a forklift in sight. The footage indicates the anime is leaning into the more durable-edged aspect of the Shenmue universe, ie, the pieces in which individuals defeat the shit out of each other. That would make better Television than turtle races and goose catching, I guess.

The manufacturing is a joint Crunchyroll / Grownup Swim effort, with Shenmue government producer Yu Suzuki included as an executive producer. A single Punch Man director Chikara Sakurai is directing. The 13-episode collection is envisioned to launch upcoming 12 months.

Originally posted 2021-11-11 13:02:11.