Random: These Incredible Animal Crossing Animated Shorts Are Essential Viewing


If you are something like us, you will know that there aren’t numerous points in daily life as sweet and wholesome as an island whole of delighted Animal Crossing villagers. Almost nothing delivers us much more joy than seeing our favorite villagers undertaking some yoga on the seaside or singing alongside to their favorite tune, and we would not permit even the greatest, boldest baddie harm a one hair on their furry small heads.

But what if we’re the baddies? A lot of us have arrive to the realisation that the human race most likely does way extra harm than excellent for this earth, and now we have to contend with the risk that the pretty identical detail is taking place on our New Horizons islands. Devoid of wanting to spoil far too much far more, test out this excellent animated shorter from Densle:

How fantastic was that? The spots have been so location on that we really felt like we have been in our have match for a minute.

The movie is really aspect of a collection that we have highlighted once just before – recall the animated short ‘Boxes’? – but much more episodes have been added due to the fact then. You can test out Densle’s comprehensive and astounding entire body of operate ideal listed here, but we’ll go away you with one more of our favourites: