Pokemon Review: Talonflame The Evil Bird

Every Pokemon is attention-grabbing and genuinely worth talking about. I don’t engage in a ton of Pokemon, but I do enjoy the universe, and I enjoy discovering additional about the creatures in it. So, Here’s a different Pokemon! It’s Talonflame!

Talonflame Information

Type: Hearth/Flying

Normal Top: 3′ 11″

Ordinary Pounds: 54. lbs.

To start with Extra In Technology VI.

Hey, how’s it likely? Sorry, I’m a little bit chaotic at the instant. But…I guess I can take a crack from hiding out in this tall tree for weeks at a time to compose up a silly Pokemon site. If that is what you want? (I’m not sure why I’m inquiring, you can’t react.) Anyway, so I have been spying looking at some Talonflame in the vicinity of me, and I believe I’ve cracked the giant criminal offense ring in several years.

Talonflame begins fires because it is dropping scorching flaming embers from its overall body as it flies. But also, Talonflames wings and feathers are fireproof and are utilized by firefighters to make their suits and gear. So, I imagine Talonflames are truly jogging a massive scam wherever they cause fires and deliver the firefighters with the fireproof resources they require to struggle with these flames. I have a board and almost everything, occur around right here and acquire an appearance.

See, in some Pokedex entries outlined on Bulbapedia, you learn that firefighters often use Talonflame’s fireproof wings to create fireproof uniforms. But also, in other Pokedex entries, it’s discovered to drop firey embers from its wings for the duration of the flight, which is a terrific way to begin fires. And it received me imagining. What if this evil chicken is starting fires and profiting off determined firefighters who need a lot more tools to combat those really disasters. It all would make perception.

Now, I know some will point out that the Pokedex entries specifically mention that only firefighters in the earlier applied the wings of Talonflame for their outfits. That is a lie! A way to deceive people and to cover the absolute truth. Now that you know that dim fact, I must go back to my superior-up perch and continue spying on these evil birds. Just one day, I’ll capture them marketing their feathers to firefighters. And then I won’t be the crazy person any longer!


Random Specifics

  • According to some Pokedex entries, Talonflame can fly as rapidly as 300 MPH. What are you functioning from, Talonflame? Justice!?
  • According to individuals I know who enjoy Pokemon Unite, Talonflame is “OP as fuck” and “needs a nerf.”
  • I’m obtaining hungry up below in this tree. Be sure to send me some food items. And some Monster Electricity beverages, much too.

Ideal Remark From Previous seven days

“These content articles have seriously revealed me how quite a few “If this Pokemon does/doesn’t X, it will die” Pokedex entries there are and it’s sort of dim.”


Pokemon’s creators enjoy two issues: Producing exciting, colorful creatures and building evil, dim lore that will warp the minds of the youth. I regard that.