Play This Fantastic Resident Evil: Village x Castlevania Game

A screenshot from Residentvania

Resident Evil: Village has a spooky previous castle complete of vampires. Castlevania has a spooky outdated castle entire of vampires. You can see the place this is going.

Residentvania is a modest tribute recreation built by OcO that is incredibly fantastic. The consequence of two months get the job done, with just about every asset in the recreation getting customized made, it performs and seems a whole lot like Castlevania, only you’re managing Ethan Winters, not Simon Belmont.

Even the level design is a crossover, with Castlevania’s opening stage supplied a Castle Dimitrescu makeover. It is accessible now on, controls with the keyboard and you can see a trailer under:

Via Personal computer Gamer, here’s OcO’s official description:

The development time was a whole of 2 months. Each asset is customized built, but the sport by itself is totally no cost and are not able to be marketed due to it staying a lover game.

The very first issue I believed though playing “Resident Evil: Village” was how a lot it reminded me of “Castlevania”, so I thought I’d make a mash up of the two. I chose the 1st stage of the initial “Castlevania” for NES, blended in with the Castle Dimitrescu section of “RE: Village”.


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Just a number of several years ago, Resident Evil 7 marked a return to the series’ survival horror roots, location a superior bar for its eventual abide by-up. Although Resident Evil Village however falls prey to the series’ most pernicious issues, notably the inescapable swerve from horror to motion and bosses that really do not very match the powerful second-to-instant gameplay, those shortcomings don’t overshadow the frequency with which the game hits on all cylinders. Village may well not are living up to the opportunity of its immediate predecessor, but it’s a harmless new entry in the sequence that induces the same entertaining nervousness as my favourite Resident Evil video games and offers a few appealing wrinkles for where the franchise may go following.