Panzer Dragoon Producer Haruto Watanabe Falsely Reported Dead

A screenshot from Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record

Picture: Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record

A tweet built previously today by the official Panzer Dragoon Voyage History account explained that not only had the match been cancelled by Sega, but that a single of the good reasons for this cancellation was the death of producer Haruto Watanabe.

As documented by VGC, the tweet—which was designed in both of those Japanese and English—said:

Panzer Dragoon Voyage File has been cancelled because of to the cancellation of the deal by Sega and the dying of the producer, Haruto Watanabe, CEO of Wildman Inc. Thank you for your guidance.

That would be unexpectedly tragic information, apart from for the point that replies to the tweet immediately loaded up with opinions from Watanabe’s very own colleagues declaring he was in reality alive.

I went to the Wildman place of work and can validate he’s safe and sound. A large amount of mates are accumulating.

We’ve just obtained affirmation of the protection of our mate and colleague. A lot more facts will be tweeted by him as soon as he is settled.

The tweet was then deleted by the account. While it’s excellent to listen to that Watanabe—who is also CEO of the game’s builders, Wildman Inc., named immediately after his have nickname—is not in reality lifeless, the tweet continue to throws the foreseeable future of Panzer Dragoon Voyage File into doubt because it also described the cancellation of the game’s contract by Sega.

1st declared early last 12 months, Panzer Dragoon Voyage History is intended to be a re-telling of the story of the first a few games in the sequence, all for the Sega Saturn, only this time from a VR standpoint.

According to an job interview with Japanese site 4Gamer, Sega’s only involvement with the video game was to challenge a contract offering Wildman the rights to Panzer Dragoon Wildman took on the economical stress of each producing and publishing the recreation them selves, so that Sega would not get rid of any revenue on the project—and improve averse to generating any long run Panzer Dragoon games—if it failed.

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