Nintendo Made A Good Dad Joke In The Latest Nintendo Direct

Nintendo made a good dad joke while introducing Splatoon 3.

Dad jokes are the ideal.
Screenshot: Nintendo

Dad jokes are common. In Japanese, dad jokes are known as “oyaji gyagu,” with oyaji meaning “one’s father” and gyagu which means “gag” or “joke.” Like anywhere, these are likely to be cheesy puns, but who can resist them? You you can, but I confident just cannot, and it would seem Nintendo’s Yoshiaki Koizumi are unable to, both.

Splatoon producer Hisashi Nogami might have introduced the bodily comedy gold, but he wasn’t as punny as Koizumi. Immediately after introducing Splatoon 3, he asked viewers what they thought. In the primary Japanese, Koizumi questioned, いかがでしたか? (Ikaga deshita ka?), which is a well mannered way to talk to, “How was it?” But when Koziumi asked, he place emphasis on ika, and ika can also signify “squid” in Japanese.

Geddit? Not a bad Japanese-language father joke, suitable?

On the other hand, it appears the Nintendo of The us model of the direct utilized voice-overs alternatively of subtitles, which sort of ruined this corny pun. Regrettably, it sounded like whoever was performing Koizumi’s English emphasised the erroneous factor, stating the line as, “So, what did you imagine?” I guess that choice to lean into the first phrase in English was manufactured to match Koizumi’s expression when he asked in Japanese, emphasizing the very first element of ikaga.

Nintendo introduced Splatoon 3 in its latest Nintendo Direct.

Subtitled father jokes are excellent, also.
Screenshot: Nintendo Uk

But as Twitter person Fu points out, the Nintendo United kingdom edition utilised subtitles alternatively of a voice actor. Mainly because of that, they had been in a position to do an superb work of localizing Koizumi’s Japanese language dad joke, putting a great spin on it and pulling it off beautifully. The subtitles study, “What did you Believe?” Geddit? Think as in “ink,” building reference to squids. For dad jokes, that is very fantastic, ideal?

It’s crackin’ me up simply because it certain would seem complicated to translate father jokes into a different language. I just have an inkling, but no question you need to be nicely-armed in linguistic know how to do outstanding do the job.