New World Voidmetal: how to find, mine, and craft

What is Voidmetal made use of for in New World, and the place can you obtain it? Voidmetal is a person of New World’s large-end crafting elements, employed in the recipes for some of the game’s best weapons, armor, and other desirable goods.

Voidmetal can be elusive, so go through on beneath for assistance on how to obtain it and how to boost your yield when mining for it.

How to discover Voidmetal in New Environment

Voidmetal is extremely similar to Fae Iron in that it will not spawn independently. Somewhat, it is an exceptionally rare fall when mining from Iron Ore veins.

In addition, Voidmetal only has a likelihood of dropping if your Mining ability is substantial ample to permit you to excavate Tier 3 metals — so it really should turn into accessible to you at around skill level 45-50.

Iron Ore is frequent in mountainous areas, so if you want a chance of snagging your self some Voidmetal, begin by heading for significant ground. Beneath you can see a screenshot taken from the incomparable New Globe Map site, displaying Aeternum’s main Iron Ore spawn hotspots:

New World map showing lots of iron vein sources

There is a person choice resource of Voidmetal in New Planet: defeated Tundra Elementals have a probability of dropping Voidmetal if your Mining skill is earlier mentioned 100. This is just not as successful a system as mining in the far more common way, of training course, but it’s value knowing about all the same.

How to increase your Mining Luck

To increase your Voidmetal generate when mining, you can equip a Starmetal Miner’s Allure to give your character a Mining Luck Perk, which boosts their chances of accumulating exceptional resources.

There are also selected foodstuff — specifically, dishes containing potato — that briefly buff Mining Luck as well:

  • Boiled Potatoes
  • Herb-Roasted Potatoes
  • Poultry with Roasted Potatoes
  • Roasted Potatoes
  • Salted Roasted Vegetables

Voidmetal crafting recipes in New Globe

As we reported at the prime of this web site, Voidmetal is a useful resource you’re unable to gather in any wonderful portions until eventually quite late in the activity, and the goods you can craft with it are correspondingly spectacular. Listed here are all the kinds we have found so significantly — we’ll preserve this web site current with far more as we study them:

Voidmetal Weapon recipes

  • Well balanced Blade (rare rapier)
  • Calamity (scarce musket)
  • Corrupted Life Staff members (scarce lifestyle team)
  • Corrupted Remnant (scarce hatchet)
  • Crow’s Nest (uncommon hatchet)
  • Crystalline Crusher (unusual war hammer)
  • Deceit of the Defiler (rare rapier)
  • Defender of Darkness (scarce war hammer)
  • The First of A lot of (rare sword)
  • Gaia’s Whim (uncommon life staff members)
  • Fantastic Axe of the Colossal Breach (unusual fantastic axe)
  • Past Gentle (unusual spear)
  • Musket of the Corrupted Guardian (exceptional musket)
  • Tidal Reaver (exceptional sword)
  • Tipping Level (rare terrific axe)
  • Unfold of Malice (rare spear)

Which is all we know about Voidmetal for now, but why not choose a glance at our guidebook to locating Azoth, another of Aeternum’s most impressive assets? Or verify out our ideal New World character builds site, exactly where we propose character builds to fit a wide range of playstyles.

Originally posted 2021-11-11 13:02:11.